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Definition of kidney stones

A kidney stone is a solid object like a rock that occurs as a result of crystal pengkapuran secretion or body waste materials that precipitation occurs. Most often kidney stones are formed by excessive calcium in the body. The presence of stones in the kidneys causing tremendous pain severe, bleeding in the urine because of the infection and can occur even blockage of urine flow.
Many factors can cause kidney stones, but Before discussing about the causes of kidney stones. We must return to the role and function of the kidney itself. Because it is closely related. In the urinary system (secretion), kidney function to perform the blood filtration. This screening function to balance the body’s mineral levels. When the body lacks water menyumplai kidney water through the blood. The rest is discharged through kekandung ureter bladder as urine. Likewise with other kinds of minerals such as vitamins, calcium and other substances. Vitamin are needed by the body, but if too many vitamins must be excreted by the kidneys.
In this case we take the example of calcium. while too high calcium levels in the body will work to remove the kidneys through urine. However, if high levels of calcium continues over time, the kidney function will decline. So that any calcium builds up and settles slowly and formed a solid mass called kidney stones.
In addition due to the high levels of calcium in the body cause kidney stones is also affected by lack of concentration Citrate is a substance that can inhibit the formation of calcium stones. Stone formation was also influenced by its high levels of oxalate which is a substance that is also affected due to calcium stone formation.
The process of formation of kidney stones occur gradually. This efflorescence occurs in a long time. Starting from a small berukurangan and continue to grow, causing impaired renal function. Lack of water intake also affected.
The process of stone formation is called Urolithiasis. In addition to the kidney urolithiasis can occur in the bladder called bladder stones. In addition to calcium levels of uric acid can also cause uric acid kidney stones. Some of these diseases also may be a factor risk of kidney stone disease like sarcoidosis, hyperparathyroidism, panyakit cancer and renal tubular acidosis.
Presenting symptoms vary depending on the size of the formation of kidney stones. Common symptoms that arise are:
1. The existence of back pain or severe colicky pain. Colicky pain characterized by intermittent pain around the rib and loin then spread to the abdomen and inner thigh area.
2. Due to severe pain at follow fever and chills.
3. The possibility of its happening nausea and vomiting. And stomach upsets.
4. The presence of blood in the urine. And disruption of urination, patients also often BAK. Or even blockage of the urinary tract. If this happens then the risk of urinary tract infection is greater.
Those are some signs and symptoms of kidney stones. But the majority of cases do not even show any symptoms, especially those on the rock are still small, and vice versa their urinary disorders do not necessarily have a kidney stone, because it could be caused by an enlarged prostate or narrowing of the urinary tract. Presence or absence of a definitive diagnosis of kidney stones can be known through the analysis of urine routine examination (urinalis). X-ray examination and the stomach and abdomen area.
Consuming lots 8-10 glasses of water a day is a simple way to prevent kidney stones. But for those of you who have been diagnosed with kidney stones. Then special precautions need to be done to avoid the formation of new stones (repetition disease). Methods and means of prevention is carried out depends on the composition (levels) stone ever suffered before.
1. If you have ever suffered from an excess of stone uric acid levels, the prevention of which should do is reduce the types of foods that contain purine like sardines, organ meats, liver, brain, shellfish and other foods high in purines because these foods can increase uric acid levels in the body.
Besides reducing the formation of uric acid can also be performed by administering allopurinol because uric acid stones form when urine acidity increases, therefore, to create urine alkaline or alkalis can be done with the administration of potassium citrate.
2. Further In patients with calcium stones. Should do the prevention of kidney stone formation of new. Administration of drugs thiazide type diuretics such as trichlormetazid, recommended to do a low-calcium diet and consume cellulose sodium phosphate, and also provide potassium citrate to increase the levels of citrate. Citrate is a substance that is useful to inhibit the formation of calcium stones.
Then the prevention of kidney stones due to accumulation of calcium can also be done by avoiding foods high in oxalate. Oxalate is a substance ancillary kalsiun stones. The types of foods rich in oxalates such as: Food of chocolate, spinach, on tea, pepper and LCC
Treatment of kidney stones.
Therapeutic treatments given by the doctors usually give some certain types of medication, is his specialty for kidney stones is still small and it is hoped the stone could come out through the urine.

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