Understanding And Treating Syphilis Most Effective

Understanding And Treating Syphilis Most Effective
There are several types of venereal disease you should be aware of venereal disease either male or female. This time we discuss the characteristics of some venereal diseases including syphilis Characteristics Disease In Men, Feature Feature Pus Urine Disease In Men, Characteristics Disease Genital warts In Men. The diseases mentioned above merupaka venereal disease that is often experienced by men who like to snack at random. The characteristics of Sex Disease In Men Disease Symptoms Syphilis Syphilis.
Many of the patients with syphilis who do not realize if they develop symptoms of syphilis and therefore they do not get good treatment. Infection mainly obtained if there is direct contact with syphilis sores are active. Syphilis has several stages of infection. Once infected with syphilis, there is an incubation period, the period before the onset of symptoms until the sores called “chancre” about 9 -90 days, generally average time of 21 days have seen. The first stage of the symptoms of syphilis can there be an open sore called a chancre in the genital area, rectum, or mouth. Open wounds did not hurt. Enlargement of the lymph nodes may arise. A patient may not feel the pain and these injuries usually heal by itself within 4-6 weeks, and therefore the patient usually will not come to the doctor for treatment, but this does not mean syphilis disappear, but continue to circulate in the body. If not addressed properly, will continue into the next stage. The second stage of syphilis symptoms appear about 1-6 months (on average about 6-8 weeks) after the first infection, there are several different manifestations in this second stage. A rash can emerge without feeling itchy in certain parts, such as the palms and soles, or moist areas, such as the scrotum and vaginal lips. In addition to this rash, raised Symptoms of syphilis, such as fever, enlarged lymph nodes, sore throat, headaches, weight loss, muscle aches, and be aware that the symptoms and signs of a second infection syphilis will also be able to disappear by itself, but also keep in mind that this does not mean syphilis lost from your body, but the infection continues until the latent stage.
Medicine Gonorrhea
Latent stage is the stage in which if checked by laboratory tests, the results are positive, but the symptoms of syphilis can exist or not. This latent stage is also divided as early and late latent stage. Expressed as early latent syphilis when syphilis was already inside the body for two years or less than the first infection with or without symptoms. While the late latent syphilis if it has suffered for two years or more from the first infection without evidence of clinical symptoms. In practice, it is often not known when it began to hit so often it must be assumed that the patient has reached the stage of laten.Gambar Know the Symptoms of Syphilis Tertiary syphilis appearing at 1/3 of the patients are not treated properly. Usually occurs 1-10 years after the initial infection, but in some cases can be up to 50 years of emerging, this stage can be seen with symptoms of syphilis in the form of lumps as soft tumor. At this stage, a lot of organ damage that can occur, ranging from damage to the bones, nerves, brain, muscles, eyes, heart, and other organs. Suitable treatment if you experience symptoms of syphilis, syphilis medicine. Sex Disease Characteristics Bernanah or Gonorrhea In Male Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease categories that were a little suffered by the population, including teenagers. Even lately Gonorrhea usually people that teenagers aged 17-24 years old.


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Gonorrhea or GO or “Gonorrhea” not least against those who are found active in a sexual way and unsafe sexual behavior, including the tradition of changing partners. This can be extremely dangerous GO can but, if detected early and treated with a serious way, people with this disease will be cured by the whole. Well my friends, we have time to explore the science-related disease which this one. When is not for ourselves, who knows these insights could be used for ease of others who experience it. Gonorrhea is caused by bacteria gonococcus, a bacteria that grow and proliferate on the spot in a well-moist and warm, such as the cervix, urethra, mouth or anus. To women, the disease could spread to the uterus (womb) and fallopian tubes (fallopian tubes), which will lead to infertility and pregnancy in the fallopian. Gonorrhea mostly transmitted through genital contact means, then it leads to reproductive tract infections, but can also take place to the throat which is transmitted when the couple run oral sex. Gonorrhea can also walk to the anus if the person doing the interaction by way of anal sex. Except that, gonorrhea can be transmitted by one’s mother to her baby during childbirth. Symptoms of gonorrhea to men brighter than that are against women. Women are very often only experience mild symptoms or none at all. Against guy first symptoms usually appear 2-7 HRI after the occurrence of sexual contact with one person who contracted the disease. Symptoms begin with a guy who experienced discomfort to urethra, which followed along when his pain with urination or a discharge from the penis. Symptoms that arise are also feeling like a tiny pee consistent continuous, and worsened when the disease spread to the upper sector of the urethra. Tip of the penis was so red and swollen. Against women, symptoms arise 7-21 HRI prime time after they are infected. Or most often women who are infected do not show any symptoms until weeks or even months after he was infected, and found a new man after his partner found infected later he joined examined. Even if the symptoms are mostly mild to women.

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But to the many cases, the symptoms were mostly arises that which is the following:
Yellow-green discharge from the vagina
Throws up
Itching and pain of the anus is also big pain during bowel movements, the average takes place against women and homosexuals who carried out anal sex couple who are infected.
Pain to joints
Appearance of the rash to palms
Pain to the throat (of the people who do anal sex with an infected partner’s mouth) Wart Disease Characteristics Gender Male
Genital itching and often bleed when exposed sexsual •
Their spots genital warts

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