Maintain Computer

Maintain Computer
This era many people already have a computer but not all of them can use it properly and do not understand the usefulness of the device and the computer .
Therefore, the computer becomes difficult to use and over time the system is broken and eventually be reinstalled.
Because of misunderstandings too often installed computers also have the staying power of its own on the device slowly device also damaged

If the computer is damaged has reached the level of hardware or spare parts it will not be used and finally lay not function .
Do not worry I will share the knowledge to keep your computer in order to be durable and maintained so that it remains usable for a long time .

First you have to first recognize the usefulness of the computer in detail . Computer hardware is a mutually sequential system that can be operated by humans .The system itself can be useful to operate the programs and applications that are inside . To keep your system should use it well and wait if there are programs that run slowly do not directly push here and there which ultimately will increase the burden of computer performance . Within a good system is the operating system of the original or licensed and installed an antivirus that is always updated in order to maintain the freshness of the system.

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Both your frequent cleaning in order to clean the computer components and computer devices work so lightly . So that the system will be faster and easier to use. If you ‘ve done it but your computer hardware is malfunctioning do not panic follow my steps in this discussion . The first is if the computer did not light up when the power switch is turned on check the cable that blatant dikomputer you if the cable is correct and still good.Both dikomputer check your power supply is still functioning if they are not working only replace both of them just do not have to buy the whole device.

Furthermore, when lit but does not boot and no sound is detected should open your computer case and clean the ram and processor . And when lit but there is a short beep once and it was normal . Beep once but the length of it is damage to the ram . Beep once long and three short beeps followed it is damage to the Grapich Video Card. If you are confused in keeping your computer please leave messages and comments on this review .
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