Attila The Hun

Attila The Hun, the leader of the Kingdom of Hun
Attila The Hun is the king of the Hun tribes, gangs are located in the region of the Great Hungarian plains in the 5th century BC. In its heyday, Hun Empire stretching across Central Europe. Hun horde of the Roman empire regarded as barbarians and threaten the Roman Empire by seizing and destroying many cities belonging to the Roman government.

Birth of Attila is still unknown, but he died in 453 BC on the eve of her wedding. Attila’s death still a debate between whether he died naturally or was murdered wife named Ildico. The news of his death immediately welcomed by the Roman Empire.
Although the name is closely associated with the conquest and destruction, history reveals that the figure of Attila The Hun turned out to have a track record that is much more complicated. On the one hand he destroyed several cities belonging to the Roman, on the other hand he is also working to help other barbarian groups such as the Burgundians and Goths.
Despite his followers managed to loot and extort nearly half of the eastern part of the Roman empire to as many as thousands of kilograms of gold, Attila was actually relatively simple life. Priscus diplomat had once entertained Attila and serves fancy food, but Attila did not eat anything other than meat served on a wooden board.
Take Over Power
Tribe hun
Attila is the son of Mundzuk and mother unknown. He was born of the royal family and lives in a luxurious environment but still adheres to traditional ways of life of the Hun tribes, nomadic tribes who migrated into Europe from Central Asia in the year 370 AD.
Attila with family taught archery, sword fight, using a lasso, and riding and caring for horses. He also studied the possibility of war siege strategy taught the former detainees in the Roman army during the war. This strategy proved important to bring success in offensive operations conducted Hun tribe. Not much is known about the beliefs of Attila, however, he is a believer in the forecast.
Attila with his brother Bleda started together led an army in 434, just after the death of their uncle named Rua who is also the king of the Huns. Rua tried to attack the eastern part of the Roman empire and destroy dissident tribes fleeing from Hun rule.
Attila and his Huns focuses unite kingdom, which spans parts of Central Europe. Although tribal leaders Hun is the kingdom, history indicates that the region is also controlled other groups, such as ethnic dissidents are also hunted by their uncle. The first military attack of Attila starts to attack the Burgundians, a group allied with the Eastern Roman Empire. This attack success and Attila troops massacred the tribe because it has been out of the runway and lifestyle Hun tribe.
Attila forces again attacked the Roman empire, the Goths. However, this time they suffered defeat at the city of Toulouse. This defeat makes Attila troops retreated to the Danube region to restore order. They made a peace agreement with the Roman empire where Attila and Bleda each pay about 300 kilograms of gold per year to the kingdom.
War with the Eastern Roman Empire
hun and roman
Gold deposit of Attila and Belda very much, this deposit will not last long. At 441, the Eastern Roman empire sent troops to Sicily and North Africa to fight the vandals group. This moment becomes an arena for Attila to take advantage of the situation to launch an attack in the region of the Danube River to the Eastern Roman Empire.
Hun troops to move quickly, their first destination is the city of Constantia. With so many Byzantine best troops who participated in the attack against the Vandals, Huns troops could not be stopped. Attila and Bleda move through the Balkans, ignoring the peace offer of the Emperor Theodosius II. In the end, the Roman emperor to call back troops from Sicily. Attila and Bleda withdraw troops and returned to the Danube region with the result that a lot of loot.
In the year 445, Bleda killed and made Attila became the sole leader of the Hun army. Bleda own cause of death is still unknown. Attila does not solve all the affairs of the Eastern Roman Empire. In 446, after Theodosius II refused the offer Attila to pay with gold, he launched his next attack to the Roman Empire.
A few months after the rejection of Theodisdius II, Constantinople hit by an earthquake and make the residents rebuild the city. This earthquake made the Eastern Roman Empire to do everything to take refuge from attack Hun forces. However, Hun itself did not attack the capital of the Byzantine empire. Hun forces chose to attack and loot the castle and the surrounding town. They controlled almost the entire region surrounding the capital of the Eastern Roman empire.
Request for Attila
Meet the whales
This series of events makes Attila turned his attention to the West, towards France. In the year 450, the daughter Honoria, daughter of the Western Roman emperor named Valentinian III, asking for help Attila. Honoria was an ambitious where Roman emperors tried to marry him to a passive man who can keep him away from the power struggle of the Western Roman empire.
Honoria send waitress named Hycinthus to Attila and offered gold if he would intervene in this affair. Hycinthus also gave a ring to Attila, who turned out to be misinterpreted by Attila as a sign that Honoria wanted to marry by Attila. Hycinthus back and bring the letter offering Honoria that Attila wanted to be co-ruler of the Western Roman empire.
Honoria did not want to marry Attila and eventually chose to marry the person chosen for his father. Attila forced the Roman Empire to marry Honoria, but his request was rejected. Attila threatened to expel the Roman ruler of the kingdom and began to move toward France.
Attila action is made must fend for themselves. Western and Eastern Roman Empire eventually unite to fight the Hun army attacks. Both are also allied with the forces that are so hated Attila Visigoths. Other barbarian groups in France are also united to help the Roman army.
Roman and allied troops Atilla finally meet in the northeastern region of France in the battle known as the Battle of Chalons, or a battle on the plains catalunya. War lasted even up to the sky darkening and becoming one of the endless battle.
Attila very fiery. He does not care about his life and wants to maintain its reputation with unbeaten dead. However, Attila finally withdraw its troops and return to the region of Central Europe.
In 452, he brought troops to the northern region of Italy. After spending time looted and destroyed the city in northern Italy, Attila meets with Pope Leo I, which came as a messenger. There is no historical evidence about what happened, but Attila withdraw its troops and return to the region of Central Europe. Several hypotheses explain that Attila possibility was told that the Roman army launched an offensive towards the Middle East territory and Attila the Hun forces feel that the attack had been exaggerated.
Attila’s death
Attila revival
Several years later , after holding a big rapid , Attila was found dead on her wedding night . Cause of death is still being debated . One source , the author of the 6th century Jordanes named , claimed that he died due to excessive bleeding because too excited when partying . The truth of this statement itself is still questionable .
Attila was buried in a coffin made ​​of gold , silver , and iron . Those who prepare the funeral may have been killed so that the location of the tomb of the unknown .
After his death , Hun empire collapse. Children of Attila fight for power with each other . But their greatest enemy , the Western Roman empire , had collapsed in just a few decades later . Part of the dreaded Attila forecast that the kingdom would collapse proved right .
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