Invalid Click Adsense

How To Know Invalid Click Adsense

Advertising program hailed by many users who seek fortune internet. Site registered to the program will get the next adsense adsense code that is used for attachment to the user’s site and will get paid every time the ad is clicked by visitors. Perhaps it sounds easy but it is actually very difficult to obtain huge profits from adsense unless your site has many visitors every day. Because of this the many adsense site owners start looking for every way to make the site get a lot of visitors despite the various ways that unwittingly such techniques led to his AdSense account was closed by Google. Besides the techniques to bring visitors by means of lightning, black-hat techniques more commonly used is the invalid click activity (fraudulent clicks) are done in many ways.
Unfortunately, Google with robot systems, they are not stupid, they are quite sophisticated or even very sophisticated to detect whether your site is indeed cheating or not. Here are 10 Ways to Recognize Invalid Google Click On Your Adsense:
Generally, internet providers today use dynamic IP address or IP address that can be varying by simply unplugging the modem and plugging back. If you ever thought of using such means to perform its own click on the adsense ads you forget yourself better this way because Google still can smell the presence of the lawyer-click advertising through your browser cookies. All information, operating system and others can be recorded in the cookie and Google can use that information to match with the original account owner.
Click Behaviour
Since the first of your site indexed in the search engines, since that Google has put one of their robot (Googlebot) on the site in your cpanel with the name robots.txt. The file serves to help your site to be indexed and found on search engines as well as a ‘spy’ in detecting invalid Google adsense ads they click on. There are two ways to be entered into the list of ‘suspect’ by google adsense to click on them when:
Someone visiting your site via manually type in the website address, clicking on your ad, then leave your site just within a few seconds. This will make Google suspicious of activity and mark the site. Because normal visitors generally have at least a few tens of seconds to observe posts, pages etc.
An internet users often click the adsense ads on the same website, but very rarely or never click adsense ads found on other websites.
A visitor who clicks on ads through a collection of sites bookmarked by it.
Google Services
Google has many other services such as Google Mail, Google+, Google Toolbar, Google Earth, Google Talk, Google Sitemap, Blogger, Youtube, Google Chrome etc. Each account log in or use the features of the service is already marked and left Google information about the origins of visitors.
Search Engine Ranking
One of the main causes closing of your adsense account is that if you have a site that is still very new with a very high number of visitors suddenly without proper SEO techniques, especially if the site is outside the top 20 search engine rankings. Then certainly the site will be suspected by google robot which generally will give punishment in the form deindex on the ranking in search engines or worse accompanied by the closing of your adsense account.
Message ‘Click I’
One written provisions contained in Google Adsense is forbidden to leave a message inducements that encourage visitors to click on adsense ads, such as: click on my ad, ad clicks, and so on (with any language!) Because it can cause your adsense account get banned in a short time.
Auto Traffic
Many people use auto-traffic services to bring visitors automatically with the help of certain sites. Generally, the sites listed in the auto-traffic networks will get visitors generated via script system. It is very risky to make your adsense account is closed within bebeberapa day. Especially if you do it like crazy.
Advertiser Conversion
The site owner will benefit every time a visitor clicks on their ads were directed to sites that advertise. If the visitor then linger up to buy the products offered on the site, then it will benefit sipemasang advertising. But if the percentage of the lawyer-click advertising was derived from display advertisers deceptive website that can increase CTR, then the site would suspect Google to do a review on your website manually.

IP Address Can Make You Invalid

IP Address
One of the main causes closing of your adsense account is click their own ads, whether intentionally or unintentionally. If you never access your adsense account through a different IP. Then the IP will be flagged by the system at Google. Each clicks on your adsense ads will be matched with all the IP addresses that never logged into your email. If there is one of the same IP then be prepared to receive an email notification of your AdSense account closure.
Click Through Rate (CTR)
Click Through Rate is the percentage of clicks divided by the total number of visitors entering your kesitus. If your CTR value exceeds 15%, then your adsense account will be marked and then your website will be visited manually by a team of their adsense. When they assess your website fraudulent or violate their TOS, then your adsense will be closed.
Location / Geographic
Google has applications and advanced technology to track traffic visitors coming from wherever they come from. By replacing your IP address before you click your own adsense ads do not warrant such activities are not known by Google. They can detect it quickly especially if the same thing happens over and over again.
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