God Of War 2

Walkthrough GOD OF WAR II

Although Became A God of War, Kratos Still Could Not Sit Back Above The God of the Throne. See Spartan Nation Still Suffer Due to the defeat of the War, Now “Ghosts Of Spartan” This Pun Back To The World To Beat The enemy that remains.

For The First Time You Kan Faced With Soldier-Parjurit In Amount Fair. For Unprecedented Playing Game God Of War It Previous. Use This Opportunity To Familiarize Yourself We Control The God of War, Kratos.

Kratos control
– Analog. Left: Moving Kratos
– Analog. Right: Roll Avoidance
– Box: Attack Standard
– Triangle: Strong Attack
– X: Jump (X, X To Double Jump)
– L1: Fend
Hold L1 then press Square / Triangle / Circle To Smooth Special Attack
– L2: Enable Magic
– R1: –
– R2: Select Sub Weapon
– D-Pad: Choose Magic Will You Use

After All Enemies You Killing, Lift Gate Yang Appointed Camera By Way Pressing R1 Then Circle (Press Quickly). Follow the road until Colosus Breaking Hand-owned giant wall to the left. Sign Into Sana And Open Container With Hold R1 To Get Green Orb.

4 Type Orb
– Green Orb: Restores
– Blue Orb: Restore MP
– Red Orb: Increased Level To Magic And Your weapon
– Gold Orb: Adding Titan Meter
Ok .. Ok .. Ok Enough cheerful. Jump Into Swimming And Dive Follow Direction Swimming It (Hold Box). When There is iron that put you off, Hold R1 Some current, Then Release To Eject What On Call With Dash Swim. After the Past, Live Alone Up To Surface And Climb Stairs. Save your game the past, Then Pull lever Available In Around Here To Come Up With Hook (Grapple Point). Press R1 In Front Hooking It For Swinging (Graplling). Hold R1 To Keep Swinging And X To Break Away From Ayunanmu.
Open Gate Again Next, then Finish enemies ahead of you. After Beres, Climb Ladder Here And Prepare To Fast Before Pressing circle with Giant Legs Colosus Successfully step on. It used to drive around to find two chests, then jump to Wall What’s In The Right Container Contains Blue / Green Orb To Perform
Wall Grab
– A. Left: Moves
– R1: Down Quickly
– Box: Attack Standard
– Triangle: Strong Attack
– Circle: Grab
– X + ® //: Jump to Specified Position To Climb Faster
– X + ¯: Jump To Remove From Position Climb
Used clinging Following Directions . Towards the current bend to Top , Down To Jump Formerly Red ark . After the Climb to Top That’s New Again And Prepare To Face Collosus .

Boss : Collosus II
There are two areas Here the Connected By A Hook . So * Use With Good For Avoiding Attack – Attack From Collosus . Use Previous More Ways To Fight . When hands were lifted , prepared to Evade . When Successfully Evade , New Hajar Several Times Before He lifted his hand back . Oya .. If Backup Magic thy Much , You Only Hajar body Closer . When hands Mau attacked Use Only Poeseidon Rage To Fend Such attacks are at a Time Attack him .

After you successfully beat him three times , then he will be a headache for a moment . Currently That Happen Soon Approach Him And Then Press Lingkaranuntuk command . If Successful , More Repeat What You Do That was until he Dizziness Again.

Rhodes Palace
Expand Safety First Then Look And Lift Gate Available Here. Follow the road until you came to the Save Point, save your game Over There And Take Road Again. You Will Fall In The Room Is The Gate And A Button. See ..! There’s A Box (Statue Bird) That I Have Left button. Such Moving Beam Slide button. When the gates open, compilation of Energy (R1 + Box) And Kick Up Past the Gate of the beam. You can now order through the gates also. Stand On button, then roll through the gate before the gates are closed.

Then You Should Put It On The Beam Existing Here. But before doing so. Such shear beam used to What’s In The Right Way. Note Lah’s Edge Of Road. You will see three boxes located at the top. Well .. To Achieve Safety Sales. Destroy Statues Bird On Beams This, then slide it to the end of the beam. Footing Beams Use It As A Third To Get It. Open the box to get Urn Of Gaia (One Of The Urn Of Power), Then Back Move To Button The beam toward the mean.

Follow the Road Again And Beat soldiers attacked Came (First Priority archer). You Will See This lifts just down the road. There Elevator Safety Red Around It. Once open, the new Pull lever Lift For Moving Up.

Eastern Ramparts
Following Up, Black Eyes Direct Collosus The Mengintipmu. Then View Event About Yang Di Give Zeus, that is A Weapon Called Blade Of Olympus. Ok .. snuggle In the Margins (Left Wall What’s In The Long Ladder). Some of Sana Right, Then Go to the edge of the Thereon To Go To Main Street. Killing All Enemies First, Then Open Gate What’s In Ujung Jalan.

Open the box and then solve it nearby windows. You will be faced with small bridges now. But before Pass, Skip First Down and Killing Enemies Yang Di Sana In order not to disturb Later. After Beres, Just Up And Pass the small bridge. Keep By Heart, When Dropped Instant Press X Quickly. When You Want To Jump To The Next Small Bridge, Look to your right. There are two boxes in Sana Can You Go. Achieves Safety It used to be, only then should follow the paved road.

Save the game used. Climb the stairs and down the chain is before you. They kill a few enemies, then lift the Next Gate. There is a bridge in front of you, past the bridge Quickly Before Collapsing In Hantam Collosus.

Boss: Collosus III
Here is your goal revoke Sword Provided By Seuz. There are Three Stages In this Sword Revocation. First revocation, All Red Orb What You Will Have Absorbed Out. Secondly, all Magic Thy Will Be On Serap. Then New Last Half Of HPmu To Be In Serap.

Ok .. Resistance First, Approach hands Collosus The Disconnected Then press R1 To Throw Hands Such Towards Collosus. When He dizziness Soon Makes First Revocation. Because Furthermore Magic Thy Will Be In Suck, So In struggling as Second Use Only Poeseidon Rage Continues to bother about it. And For The Third Resistance, You Only Live Hajar body. Best chance To Attack His body is currently left hand Eject Eject Outline The Light Blue. After Dizziness For The Third Time, Disconnect Sword And Use It To Attack Collosus Sword.

In order Easier Striking Collosus With Blade Of Olympus, Use Only Attacks Long Distance With the L1 + Triangle. He beat Saja From Away With It Up Attacks Signs Circle Appears Above his head.

Inside The Collosus
Follow the Way It Up Stuck On Wood With Blue Flame. Roads Into Left And Press R1 To Ruin First Machine From Collosus. Follow the Road Again Up Mentor, then Climbing Wall Ropes Available. Follow direction is, until Found a Way Again. Follow this path and Depend On The Ropes stretch of Jalan Kayu There At The End Of It. Follow the Road Again Until You See Small Bridge Should You Go through. Such skip Small Bridge To Peti Green And Engineering Second Collosus. Before Plugging Sword Into Such machines, You Must Destroy Used Iron Chain protector.

Back to Bridges Kecildan Go through Directions Yang only. Follow the Road Again. But Beware ..! Because the road in front of Can Only Collapsed. Again Climbing Rope Wall Then Menempelah In Tepian roundabout. When Mentor, Press R1 To Rely And Press X To Back Again At Original Position.
Before You Go Machine Third, Rock Again Rope Available In Home Machines Such To Obtain a chest containing a Gorgon Eye. Destroy the machine, then climbing rope strands Available next to you. Follow the Road Again Until You See A Ladder. Climb Stairs And See ..! There is a Light That Inhibits Jalanmu Next. Ok .. Pull the lever, then A Pedulum Will Go Down. Participate Down And Hantam Pedulum Did To Make Swinging. After Pedulum It Swinging, Climbing Stairs Again And Pull lever To Increase Pedulum That Has Been Engaged Tadi. Now Pedulum will dissuade Beam Light Blue Some currently. So Now drive through stretch of rope and Jump Jets of Light Sat Hindered By Movement Pedulum.

Beres …, Follow the Road Again Until You Find The Fourth Engineering. Such machines Destroy Then Exit From the Statue of mouth That Has It Through Open. See Event Here Then Walk Slightly Towards Blade Of Olympus and Zeus prepared Facing In sad situation like this.

Just let go in this fight, For Anything That You Do Not Will Can Save Your life Puncture Sword Of Zeus. After Successfully Finally You Killed, tune FMV Yang Keren Here.

Return From Hades
Here You Stay Climbing Climbing And Following the Cliffs . When Mentor Do You Live Jump . Destroy All Hands In This Place To Add Red Ord yours . After a Successful Exit , save your game and your soldiers Talk On The remaining survivors ( The Last Frontier, The Left screen ) . Take a moment and see conversation Vehicles Barumu . Pegasus Gto Loch …… !

Pegasus control
– A. Left : Moving Pegasus ( Pegasus Way For Making Up Download, and Pegasus Way Down To Make Up )
– Box : Normal Attacks
– Triangle : Attack Strength
– Box : Special Attack
– L2 + Box : Remote Attack
– L1 / R1 : Left / Right Dash
– X : Forward Dash (Move It Spend PMU Every Do It )
Familiarize Yourself With Control Pegasus Previously, Before You Against Multiple Enemy Existing side. After You Beat Some Enemies (Gryfon Yes Name?), So You Will Have To Perform In Dash Forward Slash (X). Do That Then Wait Until Appears Birds named Raven. Press X when He Appears Again To Go Into The direction. When You Successfully about it then Will There Subsequently Command. Perform It It Twice To Beat Such Birds.

Furthermore Enemy Will Be There Menyeramu With Light Purple. Current Only to Avoid All That She Launches Purple Light Up Finally You Arrive At headquarters of the Titan. Lair OF THE TITAN
The Hard Cavern
Currently, You Dropped From Pegasus, Never Used Towards Way Into The Left. But it used to be the case jump down to find a chest containing a Gorgon Eye. Now Return to Main Street and Hantamlah Jari Big Step aside before you order. Then follow the Road Again Climb Wall What’s In Ujung Jalan. Follow Directions Walls It Until You Find the Save Point. Save your game then used to Follow the Road Again Up Edge. Open Container Red Di Sana, Then Look A Box That Luminous. Destroy boxes to Reach the rope strands. Glide on a String Such To Arrive In Seberang. Follow the Road Again To Exit From Cave’s.

Fire Of Olympus
Used Wood-Wood Finish Here To Drop The Archers. Then Face Some Minotour That Appear Together with The Archers Tadi. After Beres, Climb Into The Cliffs Edge Go to top. Open Two Peti In Sana, then Meluncurlah Again In Strands of rope So You Arrive In A giant arm. Follow Directions Arm It And See Event. Attack the person to Removing the handcuffs, then Climb down the chain Yang Di want to see the By Camera.

Follow the Road Again Up There Cliffs Should You Rock. Follow Directions Cliffs It And Save your game At the Save Point Next. Follow the Road Again Until You Find The cliffs Can You Rock Next. Used Open Container On Edge Road To Gorgon Eye, then New Climbing Earlier Belongs To Go Into Cave Typhon.
Cavernous Typhon`S Prison
Follow the road then press R1 For Swinging Into Opposite. There Peti The Confined in front Khan ..? Well .. To get it. Look for strands Rope Useful For Back To Down. Meluncurlah In There And before you set foot in the Land Immediate Press R1 For Immediate Swinging Into Original place. Earlier crate confinement then Pun Will Open. Ok .. Open Container, Then Follow the road until you Faced In the fight against Medusa.

Avoid Beam She Remove the Rolling Then Hajar He currently rays Stop. Beat He currently Circle Signs Appear In head. Successfully After You Beat Three Medusa And Then Some Bats Pun Way Will Open. Destroy The Shiny Stone For Road Next. Follow this path and save your game.

Roads Subsequently You Will Deter By The Wind gust Typhon. So currently raging Stop Run Toward Turning Into Stone And Berlindunglagh Di Sana Lagi Stop Till raging. After Arriving At The End Road, Black Rock All Shiny And Lift And Drop To Be A Bridge. Skip Stone Such And As Soon Arrive On Edge Press R1 To Getting your first Magic, That Typhon Bane.

Magic And Sub Weapon
In Game 4 Give It You In Magic And 3 Memudahkanmu in Sub Weapon To Beat the Enemy. Such Sub Weapon Magic And Can You Add Level of His way to transfer Red Orb With What You Have. The High-Level Magic And thy Sub Weapon Damage That Brought So Will The Great. Besides that, if his Level High You Will Also Provide Some Combo Or On Supplementary attack. For more detail Can You See type these attacks in Menu Command List

Eyes Right arrow used to Typhon. Then Come And Killing enemies ahead of you Under. I Suggest Beat It used Archers Available In Opposite, As If Not Be Very Annoying once.

After Beres, Bow Box Available In Screen Right To Come Up Hook. Before Swinging On Hook Such, Panahlah Formerly The Archers Existing Far Seberang before they bother you. Ok .. Now Berayunlah To hooklets Until You Arrive In The Earlier The Archers. Destroy All Stone Here To Supplement Red Orb, Then Follow the Way To Go Back To Fire Of Olympus.

Fire Of Olympus
Box Existing arrow next to To Hook. But do Swinging On Such Hook. Kembailah Way Through The Earlier You Came (Cliffs) For You Finding An End Bridge. Stand In Front Bridge, Then You Will See A Box Again. Such boxes arrow To Come Up Hook, then Berayunlah Into Opposite To To Gorgon Eye. Follow the road now, Back Toward People Tied to Earlier.
Such Agarterjatuh arrows People On Fire. Even if Success So You Will Get New Power Again, That Rage Of Titan (R3 + L3). Strength is useful to add the power of attack and your defense. Ok .. Hajar The Enemy That Come With your new Strength Using It. Then Go To The Point That The Camera you want to see by. Arrow Wooden Box Available In Sana To Lose Rope strands. Such Climbing Ropes And Follow Road Until You See A stretch of rope.

Ok .. Before Passing Such stretch of rope, Look ..! There strands Rope Chain In The Landscape Left Such Yang stuck to the bottom. Such Chain Achieves Major To Take Into Container Red And Gorgon Eye. One More, Watch Wall Ropes In The Landscape Beside Tadi. There Walls That Can Rock In Sana, Climbing Wall Such To Take Into Three fruit crate Wrong Contains Only Phoenix Feather.

Well .. Now Only Jump Rope stretch of Tadi. When Jalanmu Tehalang By Stone Door With Coat Titan. Switch Rage Of The Titans And Black Stone Door Such Destroyed By The Power It Up. Back To Follow The Path to set Radius Giant Yang Pegasus Holding Milikmu. Having arrived there, Turn Again Rage Of The Titans And Hajar All Jari Giants Such As They lifted. After Beres, Naikilah Again Pegasus And Prepare For Second Flight.

Bow All Enemies opposite you with Typhon Bane. There currently Bats who attacked, Use Triangle For Attacking They at once. When Raven Appears Again, Avoid All That She Attack Throw Then Prepare To Menghadapinnya By Doing Keystrokes Properly. After Raven Defeat You So You Will Fell Pun. Well .. When Dropped It Note Display With Good, Because There Keys That Will Appear. Such immediately Press Button Appears When You Arrive In order
The Cliff Of Lahkesis
Climbing It then Turn Left When You Arrive At The Top. Open Container Existing Here To Phoenix Feather. Having It All Right Then And Save your game. Climbing Ladder Available In Next to the Save Point And Face your new Enemy Above. After Beres, Search Again And Climbing Ladder. Around Furthermore you will be in Expose With Many Monster Dog. Tebas They all used to be then Destroy All Skull Yang Hung To Supplement Red Orb. There are two crates Available In The Area Edge. Open the past, Then Take up the bodies of What’s In Front Such crates.

Such bodies were brought to the elevator Existing Towards the other end of this room. Pull lever On Such Lift To Go to bottom. After Up, Lift Corpses Corpses Such Earlier And Put In Keys Available Here. Then Pull lever Available In Such Button Up Next Geese. Gate Will Open Up For While lever Earlier Back At Original Position. So Immediately Before arriving Gate Gate was closed. Follow Roads And Kick Gate Available In Edge. Road Little More And View Event Happens.

Garden Of Lahkesis
Ok .. Now There are Two Paths. Ie On Left And Right Gate. Go to your right Way Into Used To Peti Gorgon Eye. After That Just Follow The Only Way. Beware the Road Will Collapses, So roll To Faster. Enter Area Dan Cerberus Face That Has Been waiting for you in Sana. Throw Small Dog Go Into The Cerberus (Press Circle) To Fight It More Practical. Currently Signs Circle Appears Above his head, Soon Press To Finish.

After Beres Destroy Four Statue Available Here. Then One Of Statue Such Will Drop A Stone. Now Slide Rock Such DIRECTIONS TO Cracks Available In Left. If already, Such As Stepping Stone Use To Rise To Area Next.

Open crates used to then save your game. Look Small Path Available In Next to the Save Point For Finding A Wall Can You Rock. Earn Such walls and descended to bottom. Open Two Peti What’s In There And Climb Ladder Available In Between the two crates Tadi. Follow Directions Sky It Until You Find More Wall To Rise. What If There Batu The Menghakangimu, Destroy Only.

Pathway To The Steed
After Arriving In The Normal Way, Habisilah All Soldier That is occurring. After Beres, Follow the road to the Archers. They then jump to kill Area Next. Previously open coffin in front Before Facing the Next Attack. After Beres, Tarilah lever Available In Ujung Jalan And Prepare For Fight Against Siren. Face Him With The Same Way When You Fight Like a Siren. Kill Three Tailed Siren To Pave the Way Next.

After Jalan Such Chick, Do It used to be there since there Secrets In This Room. You Lihatkan Strands of Chain Giant In This Room. Nah .. Such Chain Top Slip Through Footing Available In Left Right Edge Chain. Follow Directions Chain And Depend On Ceiling. Follow the direction is towards the Two fruit crates. Destroy Small Chain And The Hindering Your Way To Open Second Container Such Gorgon Eye. After this, Just Go Down And Follow Road Next. Save Permaiananmu past, Then Follow Directions Chain Giant Heading Towards Horse Statue.

After Arriving In-Statue Horse Statue This, Climb Walls To Arrive At The Top. Look for a lever Existing Here then Pull. A stretch of rope would then Down. Search stretch of rope Such Dan Meluncurlah Di Sana. See Event Here And Face Boss Next.

Boss: Horse Keeper (Theseus)
Immediately execute him. Repulsed by the time your attacks, roll to the side and attack him from there. When the weapon Illuminated, You Must Be More Cautious Again. Frequently Roll To Avoid Such weapon. Especially When He Plugging Into Land Such weapon. That means a few Again Will Appear At The Great Thorn Land, so be careful. Note With Right Where You Rests.

When he went upstairs Gate, So He Will Start Remote Plus Launches Attack Again She Will Be Men-Summon Some Minotour to attack you. He Assault With Typhon Bane. Twice he Arrow Traffic Only Instant Rolled And Arrow lagi.Saat Minotour He comes, Habisilah They Used To Get Extra Blue Orb. After some time you Serang, So He Will Fall. When It Happens And He’s Coming Closer Press Circle, And Keep More Commands Next.

Ok .. After Beres You Will Get Horse Key Keeper. Before Setting Lock On The Door On Purpose, Head First Right From the gate. There Climbing Wall Can You There, Follow Directions For Finding Safe Such Wall Red And Gorgon Eye. It was only after I had Open Door Locks Using Only You Get New. Entrance To Indoor And Read A Book That’s Here To Slightly Vision. Then, Open Two Rooms Available Here, Then Follow the road in Senior. There’s Safety In Ujung Jalan Merah, Do not Forget To Take It on the Run. Then the new Keep Jalan Yang only. Embark On A Balcony Available In Central To Get A Red And Found Landscape Rope Should You Use To Slide Into Natural Area.

Open Doors Existing Here With Key Tadi. Approach the Altar Available In Central And Put The Key Off in Sana. And You Will Be In Your Magic Give Second, That Crono`S Rage. With Magic You Can Make It To Be The Ball Lightning Strikes Nearby Opposition. Magic Try It On The Enemy’ll come. After Beres, Follow The Open Road on your left. Climb Stairs And Follow The Path To Save Point. Save your game then, and Open Box Available In Upper Balcony And A Safe And What’s In Ujung Jalan Such Balcony to the Right.

Well .. Now go to the other end (left side). See .. You will find four Tuas Here. Ok .. As an example only, Turn One Of These levers (A. Rotate Left With Slow). See ..! Will There’s A Hole Key (Key Hole) The Open Fit Color Tuas What You Play. Your goal is to be a key Entering the hole before the hole is closed again. Ok .. We Started From The Green.
– Green : Rock Wall On Left And soon Press R1 At Keyhole Such . Once active , Before Return to lever Furthermore Used Descend Into Existing Roads In Front Keyhole It To find a Gorgon Eye .
– Red: Coming To The Right And Climbing Wall What’s In There .
– Blue: Climbing Wall What’s In The Right , Then When Arriving At The Top As soon Press R1 For Swinging Into Opposite . Swinging moment , Berusalah For Stepping Down On Top .
– Gold : Seek When Arriving From Ayunanmu You Arrive Directly Above , To Not Need to Climb Again.
After Everything Beres , Back To set lever Earlier And Press R1 For Hook Lifting Of Horses It . Furthermore Glass Screen Look Good For You With A Hint About playback Left. See Event Then Keep your game . Then jump to the Enemy Down And Face Some More. Beat Them All Again In the past Later Follow The Great Chain Camera Appointed To Return Previous Area .

Divine Pools
Climb Cliffs Edge Chain What’s In It. Follow the direction is heading to the Right. Destroy Flakes Stone Yang Still Clinging To You Can Wall Following direction is More. Save your game At the Save Point Next, Then Go To The Only Way That There. Beat All Enemies Once, Then Look ..! There Cracks On the rocks Behind the Falls. Such cracks Destroy To Find Red Peti Behind. Then Slip Open Container Such rocks Available In your right. After Arriving At The Top, Look To The Right ..! There is a balcony in Sana, Skip To Balcony Such Again To Find Red ark. It was only after the Follow The Only Way To Perform Climbing Back.

Follow Previously Directions Yang Ke Tiga Left To Find Fruit crate. Then Flip And Follow Directions Yang Down. Well .. From Here Do To Left Formerly But Continue to bottom Until You Stuck On Wall. Such Walls Destroy To Peti That Contains Phoenix Feather. Ok .. Now Only Follow Jalan Yang Indeed. Used Open Container Available In Left Gate, After That Just Kick Gate And Sign.

There Puzzle Again Here. In front of Button What If There’s A Will Lose trampled Hand Of Statue in front of you, But When You Remove Thus Hand Pedal Such Will Rise Again. So Purpose Here Is Looking For Ways To Rise To Top Hand Such.

Case jump to bottom, Then You Will Find A Park In Central Air. Such Park Screen Pull Closer To Opening A hole behind it. Such Hole Dive In And Follow The direction Go to the room next door. Press R1 On the Statue of Existing Here To Get Amulet Of Fate. Item It Useful For Slow Time. Already imagine Khan, What Next …?
Go back to the room Previous And Find A Button. Once Found, Open used to be two crates Available In Back Button Such, then New Hit That. There will Pilar has to be in front of you. Let Used To Achieve Maximum Height, Pilar It Stop Immediately After Enable Amulet Of Fate (L1 + R1). Furthermore Slip Into Such Pillar To Go to top. Do It Quickly Before Your Time Out (Yellow Color Meter).

After Successfully Arrived At The Top, Back Press the Existing Here To Lose Hand Sculpture Tadi. Currently Hand That Located In Down, Turn Again Amulet Of Fate And Running Quickly Towards Into Such Hands. See Event Then Continue Hit It Till the End Head Sculpture. After Jalan Furthermore Chick, descended And Open Container Previously Available In Left Right This statue. Only then Enter Area Subsequently Through Window At the head of the Statue Earlier breaks.

There Passable Many Enemies In The Area, So Careful ..! In Enemy sleeved especially knives. HPnya Pretty Much. Badminton Only All The attacks And Perform Counter. After Beres, head of the Statue Destroy The Many Bacot It Up Really Destroyed From Earth.

Used Open Green crate in front of you, Then Go To The Left And Right Way To Container Red And Gorgon Eye. It was only after the Search Appliances downward. Go down the staircase Such And Prepare For Battle Here. You Have to Beat Three Cyclops and his minions Here. Use Only Rage Of Titan To Finish Them All. If You Ran Energy, Slaughter Pig The Wandering One (Press Circle) For additional Got Gold Orb.
After Beres, Notice There are four Stairs That Has Can You Climb. Heading Back Into two Among Originally place. Ok .. Naikilah One Of Two Stairs Other (Statue Face). We Start From The On Left Alone. Climb Stairs And Open Container Blue Orb When Need. Then Slide Statue Available In Future Container Such Heading Toward Bridge. Such sliding Sculpture Continues Until finally snaps into place.

Now Climb Ladder other. It used to be a pull lever there to drop the floor beside her. Currently Floor It Down, Find And Slide Statue Existing Here Go Into Such floor. Then Pull lever More For scaling up. Come Up And Move Again Statue Tadi order Pas Parallel With the bridge in front of him. Then Kick Statue Such strong as might To Fall On The Bridge On Purpose. Lastly, Slide Statue Little More To Arrive In His place. See Event Here then descended And Save Permaianmu In the Save Point That Has Can You Earn. You must have Intrigued By Road Existing Door With The fire. Just pass used to be And Follow Road That Has Created For You. THE BOG OF FORGOTTEN
Follow the way. Currently You Seeing Skulls The Hanged On Trees, Tebas Only To Supplement Red Orb. Follow the road Keep It Up Event With your old enemy, Barbarian King. When you dragged by horse, Look Good For The Screen With Keystrokes. Beware ..! Will Hpmu Reduced Pretty Much When You One Push the Button. So Do The Good, Because You Will Faced Man Next Barbarian’s.

Boss: Barbarian King
Currently he is still riding horses, You Still Quite Easy To Attack him. Avoid Arrow While Approaching the horse, When He Already Sign your league Hajarsaja Direct. Need You Note Only When horses Prance. That Occurs when prepared horse to Avoid Collisions With Rolling Way.
After the horse Successfully You Kill, battle Next Will Be More Difficult Bit. Use the Typhon Bane Used To Attack him From Remote To Your Magic Out. It was only later Use Basic Techniques To Fight. Which is used to avoid his attack, Dan Black As He still Lengah. Keep doing this until he Downloading Summon soldiers. Habisilah the soldiers For additional MP. For those who’ve never played God Of War First, Definitely Will Recognize From One Soldier Such Barbarian.

Oya .. If He Changed So Giant, Activate Rage Of The Titans And Use Air Attack To Defeat. Circles mark the time comes, immediately Press Circle Approach Him And Keep Quickly To Grab gavel. Then Follow Again Command Button Next To Finish. When Success And You Will Get Weapon Seub first one, ie Barbarian Hammer. There Several Soldiers Will Appear Again, Try It On the Power of your new weapon the soldiers. After Beres Berayunlah On Hook And Follow Road Until You Arrive In Area Next.

Caution Liquid ahead of you is Lahar. So Use Double Jump To Past. Lihatkan There is a door bearing the Euryale in front of you, Do not Approach Such Door When You Do not Want Petrified. Just follow the road leading to the Right and Save Permaiananmu Used In the Save Point Here. Then Check the bodies of Ujung Jalan What’s In It For Getting Euryale`S Key. In the past few Enemies your new face It, Then Back To The Original And Follow Road Available In Left Door bearing Euryale. But Previous Habisilah Used All Skelenton Will Block the Jalanmu. Hajar They Appear Until Signs Circle, As It Happens Immediate Press Circle To Finish.

Currently Heading Towards bend Gate Will You Go, Pay attention to your right. There is a red crates were hidden there. Then open the coffin Such Fit Key You Can Tadi Gate At The On Purpose. After Passing the Gate, Check Again your right to a chest containing a Gorgon Eye. Such open coffin And Follow Road Next To Go To … The Ruin OF FORGOTTEN
You Will Dealing With Cyclops + rider now. Riders used to throw them by pressing circle Cyclops, Then Beat It used Barui Cyclopnya Such rider. Use Only Basic Techniques For Beating Cyclops. Remember Do not Beat Him With Ordinary Ways, But Use Circle And Then Follow the command button. Because If the Successful You Will Get Cyclops Eye.
Note: You Can not Get a 20 Cyclops Eye In Once permaianan. So You Have to Play the Game It Several Times For Getting Item teresebut. Or After Challengge Of Titan Successful You Go, Play Challengge 1 Keep. Because of Many Such Cyclop On Stage.

After Seal Open, Get into ruins The Shake And Pull Rock The Block the gate Di Sana. Lift Gate Existing Behind the stone Such Then Follow the Road Again was behind it. When Junctions Perama You Will See Two Beams Stone Fruits. The Hanged And one Under. Take the Top Stone The Under And Destroy Rock Yang Hung (Use Only L2 + Circle). If the Successful Then You Will Get a chest containing a Phoenix Feather. Open Container Such Again And Destroy Rock The Only For Red ark.

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Follow the Road Again. Currently Intersection, Used Follow the road to the Left Edge Up For Two Found Fruit crates. Open Container Such Then Back To Intersection And Go To The Only Way. Only direct Falls to bottom and Killing Enemies waiting for you in Sana. After Beres, Destroy Rock Available In Central To Come Up Hook. So Now Depend On [Engait Such Way To Go Into Next.

Berayunlah Past Two Hook And Follow The Road Again. See..! The rope runs there in front of you. Look Appliances Available In Right And Go through Tali Such Peti To Get Red And Gorgon Eye. Follow the Road Again, Careful When You Pass Lahar. There will be Three Soldiers The Memanahmu. Just Ignore Them, Because Magic Thy Will Not Be Enough To Finish They Threesome. After Up, Approach And Destroy three enemy Earlier Pilar Where They Stand. And For The Pillar Central You Should Drop On By Pressing L1 and R1 In Alternately. They used to kill Then Up And Open Container Available In Left And Right To Red Orb And Green Orb. Follow the Road Again Until You Arrive At room Puzzle Next.

But Before Solve Puzzle, Use Previously Typhon Bane And Heading To The Right Direction Lift Gate. There are two crates Di Sana Khan ..? Ok .. Panahlah Such Place To Come Up Hook. Then press R1 To Go To The Point Of Such crates.

Now It’s Time To Solve Puzzle. Look for a lever Available In The Right Gate And Pull. Then Destroy Wall What’s In Room In Left Right To See Watershed. There is a corpse in the room Right and Left are in room A Button. Such bodies were now ‘Pick And Place In Water Flow In Next to it. Then Wait bodies of Tadi In Water Flow In The Room Only. After Come, Lift And Put On the adjacent button. Hit the button Ok .. Now Available In Central To Open Gate is before you. Roll Quickly Such Before Passing Gate Closed Gate Such Again.
Previously Then save your game Prepare For Next Hurdle. There are two Great Gear Should You Turn To Pass This lava river. Jump Into First Gear And Play Lever Available In Sana. Careful ..! Currently Playing lever You It Will There’s A lot of Warrior bothers. So Use Cronos Rage Continues To Stop Movement Those moment. After Successfully Passing this river, Follow the Road Again And Prepare To Face Minotour Stone. Only He and Direct Approach Hajar, When hands Start Moving AWAY With Rolled Into Rear.

After Beres, Pull Trees Available Behind the Monster Such Dan Rock Roots What’s In There For Finding a stretch of rope. Such stretch of rope through To Go Into Area Next. Lift Doors Stone Existing Here (In the Next Gear Large) To Bring up the Statue Of Fate. Activate the Amulet Of Fate, then drive through the Giant Gear Before Time Return next to Normal. Open Container is before For Green Orb, then Depend On Margins place Peti It Was Right And Follow The direction Ke. Look for A Gap In Sana That Take You On A Red Container.

Furthermore Jump Heading Into The Moving Floor in front of you. Beware ..! Do Until You Hit Green Light In This Room. When Terekena, soon Shake A. Left Before the enemies to destroy Your enemy. After Arriving On the Edge, Destroy Board that put For Finding A Hook. Use Hook Such To Go Into Place Next. Destroy All Statue Here Then Push Objects Existing Behind the statue Central least until Fall. Then join Encourage Objects Dropped Earlier Towards Building Into The Almost Fell. Oya .. To Bring Earlier Objects Sign Into Building, You Must First to object Shifts Available In Heading Into In Building Left, So Membuiat Building’s Balanced For the meantime. Input Objects That Still Out, Then Move Into Second Major Such objects Right. Furthermore, Out Of It And Press R1 Bangunak In Part Yang Glossy. See What Happens Then jump to bottom.

Climb Cliffs is before you. Oya .. The Right Way That Will Take You Back To The door bearing the Euryale. So If You Want to Keep your game, Go It used to Sana. Ok .. Climbing That I Have Earlier, And Destroy Wood that put the Triangle.
Enter the cave and follow road. Talk On The Wounded Warrior in front of you, then Ignore Previously Such Soldiers And Habisilah Medusa ‘that come. After Beres, Lift soldier Tadi And Put Him On A Floor Engaged. After the machine floor was damaged, used to Follow Up Ujung Jalan Peti Which One To Two Contains Only Phoenix Feather. Then Return to Earlier Floor And Destroy Gear Available At Such floor. Used Open Container That There Is In, Then Open Gate Dan Face Three-Headed Monster Rat.

This creature Has HP The Pretty Much, So Be patient In Face. Just wait until he Striking, New Furthermore Avoid Such attacks Hajar Him With Combo Ended With Triangle.

After Being Successful It Kill You, So You Will Get Item Golden Fleece. Item It Useful For Remote Catapult attack opponents. To Use, Press L1 Shortly Before the attack was about you. Ok .. Direct Aja Practice. Search And Pull lever Existing Here, Then Will There’s A Fire Door The Catapult. Stand On The Floor Scorched Burned (Black) And Try To Fend Such Fire Ball. If Successful, then Door Pun would be Destroyed. Again Some Tail Medusa’s face. Try Benefits Golden Fleece At Light Yang Di Remove By Medusa’s. Mak .. nyus Loh .. It works …!

Follow the Way Back Into Into Temple Of Euryale. Want to bend when Exit Mouth Cave, Destroy Gear Available In your left to find a Gorgon Eye. Before Heading To Temple Of Euryale, There It Can You Do If You Want. You remember Khan With The Moving Floor Where To Go To Get There You Need to Enable First to Amulet Of Fate? Well .. Go To Get There And Reflect All Light Green Di Sana With the Golden Fleece. If successful, it will There are few coffin What You Temukann Where Urn Containing Only One Of Gorgon. TEMPLE OF Euryale
Use the Golden Fleece For Reflecting Rays Of Gate Euryale Here. After Successfully, Soon Destroy Such Gate And Sign. Lift Gate Next, Then Destroy soldiers Petrified Before They Changed So Normal. Use Barbarian Hammer Quick order. Follow Road And Go down the stairs on the Edge. Outside This Area Prepare To Face Two Minotour And Some Soldiers. Use Rage Of Titan To Finish Them All. After Beres, Log Way Into Next. Open Container Red is before then follow the Road Again Up Event.
Turn the lever is before Until You Arrive Under. Killing some enemies, then Destroy walls bearing the Gold To Phoenix Feather. Then Back Rotate Lever, Lift Up Slightly Up (Turn Around 80 °). Then Down And Go After A Container Existing Wall Mount Lift Tadi. Now jump to the elevator Yang only. And To Go to top, Climb Edge-Edge Available In The Wall Lift Up.

Lowlands Vista
Follow the road and save your game At the Save Point On Edge. Back And Take The Only Way Into. Climbing Wall What’s In There And Prepare Yourself For Past Roda-Roda Sharp waiting for you. Roads Only With Slow And Carefully. Notice the wheels Flow To You Successful Past.

After You Down With Congratulations, Rotate Lever And See What Happens. Now You Have to Fast-Fast Again. Get in the room Wood Place Barbed What You Did Pull. Let roll Fast And Pull lever Available Here. Then Roll Again To Edge And Lift Gate Di Sana. If Successful, Jump Into Areas Dan Read Books Available In Sana. Then Prepare To Face Euryale.

Boss: Euryale
Would Easier If You Use the Typhon Bane Here. When MPmu Out, Wait Until He Removing the Light. Such is the reflected light with the Golden Fleece, if Successful Then You Will Get Extra Blue Orb. But before he Removing rays, Use Only Basic Techniques To beat.
Some Currently Then She Will winds along Pilar. He Denagn Arrow Attack Of Deep Or Approach Him And Hagar By Air Raid. All the reflected rays and balls Yang He Eject. When You Hit One Of Such attacks, Segerelah Release Yourself Before He menghentakan Himself Into Land. Currently Circles Signs Appear On his head, Soon Approach Him And Press Circle For playback command A. Left.

When Successfully So He Will Move Toward Ke Yang Only Pilar. Do the Things That Just Like That was until finally he fight Again With Extraordinary Circumstances. This time Attack Him Again With The First Way To sign Circles Appear. Execution He And Obtain Head Of Euryale.
Well .. To Exit From the room’s You Must Destroy All Enemies Here Using Magic’s. Use Barbarian Hammer To Destroy Those Easier. After Beres, Follow Road Dan Save your game. Then Get into Area Next.

Area This is quite confusing For You Go through. So Easier To Follow Steps Below It.
1. Turn the lever Hook In Front Of The First To Bring Forth.
2. Locate the lever Yang Di Seberang. Pull lever Such Amulet Then Immediately Turn Of Fate.
3. Dive Passing the Gate That Has Open Gate Earlier Before It Closed Again. After Past, Pull the lever used to Existing Once Gate Gate To Keep It Open.
4. Swim To Surface And Again Pull lever Di Sana.
5. Dive And Find Again A Lever To Open The Gate Two Adadi Beside her.
6. When the Second Gate Open Soon Perform Power Dash (Hold R1) For Passing Second Gate was at once.
7. Swim To Surface Again And Again Pull lever. Then Destroy Rock Available In Rear lever To Gorgon Eye.
8. Dive Again. Use Power Dash On Wooden Door in the corner To You Can Into Area Next.
9. Swim To Surface And Play Again Last lever. Then Find Again A lever And Pull To Open Gate is on it.
10. Note There is a road in front of you ..! Follow the road leading into the Right used to. Approach Statue Of Fate, So Will Appear Some Enemies Will attack you. They are used to kill, then not until Turn lever Available In Near Statue Of Fate To Come Up With A Hook Again. But Hook’s Not Permanent So You Immediate Past Before Hooking It Back Down. So When You Finish Rotating lever, Soon Enable Amulet Of Fate And then come out and Climb Stairs.
11. Hit the button At Home. But Previous Take It used two crates Red’s behind. After You Hit the button, Turn Again Amulet Of Fate. Immediately afterwards Swinging From One Another Hook Hook Into Before Hooking Third Down.
12. When You Successfully Swinging At last Hook. Never Used Swinging Way Into Next. But the case jump Used To Right, Because There Are Two Peti Can You Earn In Sana. After Swinging Can Only Way Into Yangsatunya.
13. Clear …..! Catacomb Of The Fallen
Follow Roads And Pull lever. Now You Will Faced With Monster Dog. Habisilah All Dogs It Up Next Open Gate. So Up As It Happens, Hang on ..! Besides It There It Longer Need You Notice That It Wants Touching Currently Floor Ceiling. Currently Want It Happen Soon Press Circle Quickly To Floor Down Back. Once the gates open, Direct Experience Only Way Dan Ignore The Dogs Damn It.

Follow the road in front of you, then skip Wood-Wood Edge Up in front of you. Opposite Skip To Go Into And Depend On Margins. After Up, Reach Rope Available next to you. Such Rope climbing to find two chests. Open Container Such Down And Then Follow the road next. Again Minotour Stone face in front of you. After Beres, Berayunlah to Seberang And Save your game.

Then follow the road. There is a lot of bodies were strewn Here. Careful ..! There are many forces will Skelenton That would be attacked. After Arriving On the Edge, Follow Directions Jalan Yang Coiling It Until You Find A lever. Pull the lever and follow the Road Again Heading Into The Area Of course, you already know.

Which Way To Go Before Indeed. Used Towards Return To Bog Of Forgotten (Where You Melawa Barbarian King). Follow the Way It To Find Two fruit crate A Very Well … contents. Once Got it, Go back to Destiny’s Atrium And Door flames. Reflect Fire Such By Goden Fleece To Destroy door. After Beres, Merapatlah On Wall Street To Go Into Next.
Follow Highway Traffic Safety Open Box Blue And Green What’s In your right. Jump Down And Take Road Again. Killing enemies ahead of you, then swung toward the opposite. Before Swinging On Hooker Second, Climb The Walls Have Here To Find The Safe Again. It was only after swinging Until You Arrive In Area next. Killing Enemies And Take More Steps To Go To

Killing Enemies With Arm Knife Used to It, Then Find Save Point and save your game used to be. Lift the door that is behind the Save Point. There are boxes Blue And Green Di Sana, an HP And Much, Much Skip PMU Only Dan Enter the room that is on the right. You Will Meet With People Who Can Recall His Minotour Here. Be prepared to fight the Fair’s. Finish First Double Caller Such Minotour. Use the Triangle Combo Only To Defeat Or You Can Also Reflects Light Green Which He cast. Sign Up Circle Hajar He appeared over her head. After two Orangitu Dead, Then Beat The Minotournya.

Ok .. Take First Two Rooms Previous To Heal Your Status. Now Prepare For Next Puzzle. Ie How To Achieve The Very Cleaner Way Above ..?

Ok .. We have two Statues And A Tuas Here. When the lever is in Tarik Now Be There In The Floor Over, But When The Floor That Will Pull Back Down. Follow the steps below.
1. Slide One Heading Into Sculpture Floor Can Move Up .
2. Slide Statue The only Heading Into Position On the Right Statue The only (Not On Floor Engaged ) .
3. Turn the lever until max .
4. Remove the lever Then Immediately Rock Sculpture Absence elevator. Statue Such Jump Heading Into Existing Statue At Lift ( Try to Jump In Position Stand Not In Position Climb ) . Well .. From the Statue It Immediately Skip Heading Into The Edge Of Road meant.
After Successfully, Follow This Path. Open Container Available On And Go Again coffin corner Red Available In Ujung Jalan. Climbing Stairs next to it, then follow the Way Up to Edge. Open Container In Sana Accordance With Orb What You Need. Then Flip And Follow Road The Decline Until You Find your new enemy. Beat Them, Then Take It used stone blocking the way then. Use Such As Stepping Stone To Achieve Peti Red Available On Top. Open Container It And Down And Stone Earlier Push Up Fall.

Then join Scroll Down Heading Into Stone Such Position Under the Stairs The Disconnect. Again Use Such As Stepping Stone To Achieve Stairs is on it. Such Stair climbing Direct Then Saja Ke Skip Left Wooden Bridge. Currently Pertigaan, Left Into Used To Peti That Contains Phoenix Feather, then was only Open Gate Available In The Right. The Edge Of Creation
In the past few face Enemy In this room, then come out and save your game. Follow the road in front of you then jump to R1 Press Down And Soon To Berayundari The Hook Hook Into Another. After Arriving In Area Next, Beat Again Some enemy.

At the End of the Way You Find A Key To Creating A Bridge. Press the button It, Then When Chick Immediately Into Bridge Across Dan’s coffin Existing Behind the Trees. Such open coffin, Then Hit Button What’s In It For Making The Bridge To The Point Previous. There And Back To Prepare For Next Challenge.

Buttons trampled Existing Here Again Then Will There Two Bridges That Appear. That is before you, and another one across the Heading Into The Left. It comes after the bridge, immediately Enable Amulet Of Fate And Go through two Such Bridge. After Up, Hit the Button Again And Do It The Same As Tadi. Around The Next Also So, Hit the Button, Enable Amulet Of Fate And Cross the bridge leading to the Left. After Up, Open Container If Keep Then Lift up your gates before you and Prepare To Fight Boss Next.
Boss: Perseus
Although he could Gone But You Can Still Knowing Presence Through Step Foot In Water. Note Only Step Such And Hajar Him With Triangle Combo. Or You Could Also Face With Fend All attacks are used to. Then When The attacks stop immediately Hajar Him. Just do two things Signs Up Circles Appear.

To fight Next, I Suggest Counter Only All attacks were to be more practical. Because Slightly Once There Gap To Attack him preemptively. Especially When He Removing White Light, Coming Shake A. Left And Press L1 When It Happened Before the attacks were about you. This did Lingkaranmuncul Signs Up Again. Execution He then To fight Third, Signs Circle Will Appear When You Successfully Memojokannya On Wall. So Use Rage Of The Titans And Hagar He Continues.

Ok .. clear, You Will Get Shield Of Perseus Now. Climb down the chain Yang Appointed by Screen For Heading Back To Coutyard Of Atropos. Stair climbing Longer What You Rock Previous And Follow the road to the right. You Will Find A statue of Di Sana. Destroy First Forest Then press R1 Such Statue in front of him to shield Pairing What You Get That.

Push the statue Such Until now Fall, Then Move Into Him Again Towards Cekokan Available On Wood Floor Damaged Already Ends. After clear, Search Lever And Play For Such Wood Floor Moves Up. After Mentor, Direct Release Climb Stairs And Again And soon Deter Beam Only the Golden Fleece. When Succes So Will Chick Pun Road for you.
Lowland Entrance
Follow the Road Next. You Will See The road to the Left Existing casket, arriving Such Used Road And Follow The Only Way. It used to kill Archer Beside the Typhon Bane. Just then Skip Water, Follow the Road Again Until You Find Two fruit crates. Open Container Such When Necessary, Then Follow The Only Way ahead of you Yangadadi DIRECTIONS TO A Rocking Bridge. Because the bridge yet Can You Go through, Climb Walls Previously Root Available next to you. Pull lever Available In Over And Step into the room then. Approach The carcasses Birds And Press R1 To Get Weapons Spear Of Destiny. Weapons Try It On The enemy around you.

Ok .. You Still Remember Khan By Peti What’s In the Way To the Left Tadi. Well .. Now you can already grab it. Slide Used Statue Of Fate Existing Here Heading Into The Round Floor. Then Turn the lever The Adadi its Middle Until Such Sculpture Facing Towards the Gate. Then Slide Such Statue Exit gate Left To Go Into Stuck In Pool. Skip the pool used to Ago From Across Activate the Amulet Of Fate And Running Quickly Towards Its Way Into Maskud Before Time Back In Normal And Gate Closed. Open Container In There For Phoenix Feather, Urn Of Olymphus And Red Orb.

Now Back Slide Statue Of Fate Heading Into Round Floor. This time Turn the lever order Statue Such Facing Towards the Right. He then Restore into place. Out Of Here And Go Into All The Shake Previous Bridge. Activate the Amulet Of Fate Di Sana Then soon be arriving Bridge. After Successfully, Open Container And Save your game.
Now You Will Have To Pass In – Building That Almost Collapsed Building in front of you . Simple Way , You Live Press R1 Point To Point Of One Another . If the Point That Not Appear You Only Live Wait . But Candid , Kuereeen Buaaanget Loooh …. !
Once You Reach the Cave , Prepare Yourself For Two battle Here . Try your new Weapon In Fight It And remember .. Golden Fleece Extremely Useful Here. After Beres Follow the Path to All Area Next

Save your game then used to bridge to your right Direction Follow Up Event By Icarus . After the event , Follow Commands On Screen With Good For Beating Icarus . Currently You And Your Body Being Dropped Body Above Icarus , Use Square, Triangle and Circle To Hit
After Beres So You Will Get It Wings Of Icarus (Icarus Wing). Usefulness This Item is Slow Fall You From the Air. And To Use, Just Hold X Currently On Air. ATLAS

The Face Of Atlas
After Arriving At Atlas Face It, Take It used road left to find a Save Point and Green Container. Save your game Previously Then Return To Landing Your place Tadi And Climbing Wall In Sana (nose Atlas). Follow the road, then Use the Power of Icarus To Fly To Seberang (Do a Double Jump, Then Hold X Current Top Leap). Follow-Footing Footing Direction Keep It Until You Arrive In A Cave. Beware .. When Mau Passing Footing Iron (The Hanged Chain) Will There Many Bats Coming. Habisilah Used Bat-Bat Such, then Run Smoothly order for your flight.

Inside Of Mighty Titan
In the past few Enemy kill ‘that come. And Open Container And Follow Up Ujung Jalan. There tentacles The Covering Road Next. Such tentacles Pukulah to eliminate them. Then Pull Great Bone in it and Slide Heading Into Left. Note ..! There are two crates Above, So It Is As To Bone Footing To Acquire Such crates. Now Masukanlah Bone It Into Which Way Did. But the trick is Not With Push, But Interestingly From Within. Because Benda It Could Not Complete Go To Delam, So If In So You Will Not Push Can Sign.
Up Bones and follow the road that is on it. To fly toward the Great Floor Available In Central Lahar For Minotour Facing Stone.

Boss: Minotour Miles
Although this time he could walk, But How To Face Same Kok Like When He’s Not Running. He Hajar You Up Floor Rests This place was sinking into the lava And Pieces Addressing Camera Can You Rock Wall. Quickly Earn And Avoid These Walls Stones To Be Thrown By Minotour. Avoid Stone Letter by way Jumped Left Or Right When hands raised to the sky.

Once Floor displays, fly there and back Black Bull Stone Two-legged This is until he Destructive. After Beres, Slide body parts left behind And Use As Footing To Go To The Next. When You Want To Fly Again The Road In Front Of, Fly To The posts used to find two chests. Open Box It used to be, and then the Airport heading in the fact.

Go To Fly Again Area Available In Central Lahar. Now your goal is to destroy the Stone Similar Volcano in front of you. Ok .. Jump To The Left And Save Permaiananmu Over There. Open Group Safety First Then Look tentacles. Such tentacles catch To Bring The Floating On lava rocks. Go to the top of the rock and road obstructions Destroy Rock It. Until the end of time, Instant Press R1 to swing and fly towards the Area Next.
After Till, Destroy Rock before you to Reach the Blowing Wind. To Blowing Wind It Is To Make You Fly Higher Using Icarus Wing. So Now Use Icarus Wing On Wind Gusts Such Heading Into Then Fly Across. Once Up On The room Next, you will be attacked by swarm of insects that Come nest. Ok .. Used to Destroy Nests. They Have Six Fruit Nest, Surround Only Areas This To Find her.

After Beres, Seek A Wall Can You Rock (Behind The Nest The Shiny). Follow The direction Until You Arrive In The Existing Two casket. Go down there and used to Into Two Such crates. Consider then Surroundings To Find That Can Wall Climbing Next. Fly Into Walls And Follow Again Such direction is. Currently Hindered By Stone, Stone Hanvurkan Such a Little More And Then Way Down. Skip Way Into Furthermore Then Climbing Walls Longer Available In Left Mouth Cave.

Again follow the direction is. So You Seeing Stone to your right, Destroy Such Batu Secret Way To Find DIRECTIONS TO Urn Of Prometheus. Open All Peti In Sana, Then Come Follow Directions Ceiling Up to Edge. Destroy Rock In There And Get into The Room Is There Such Behind the stone. Stepping Into Lomapatlah Iron In Room It To Finding Climbing Walls Will You Next.

Follow Directions Ceiling It Again Until You Find Some Stone Runcing downward. Tebaslah All Stone Such For Creating A Wind Blowing In The Stone Similar Volcano. Now Follow Directions Ceiling Edge Up Again, Then Go back to your game Down And Save More. Fly Into the Wind Blowing Earlier, And From There Fly Towards Way Into Next.

There are few Footing After Should You Skip Now. Ok .. Used Fly Stepping Into Large Existing lever (Footing Second). You Should Play the lever’s order Footing It Up. But dear, Will There are many enemies who attacked Here. So Habisilah Used Them All. After Beres Then Turn It Up Flooring lever Stop At The Top. Now Use Again Icarus Wing To Passing-Footing Footing is before you. Currently Arrived At Last Footing, Meluncurlah On the stretch of Chain To Go Into Furthermore Area.
Ascension Of Atlas
Save Permaianamu past, then Climb walls Available Here. Follow Directions Wall’s Until There were rocks that put you off. Such crush Stones From Side To not hurt. Currently Arrived On the Edge, Will There Hook your right. So the case jump And Direct Achieves Such Hook. Berayunlah In Two Hook Again Until You Arrive At The walls Can You Rock Next. Jump Into The road behind you, Then Follow This Road Until You Find Two Stone Fruit Can You Move.

Here is your goal Takes One Of Stone It Toward Top. Follow the steps below to Do It.

1. There’s A Small Way The Uphill Khan Here? Well .. Slide One Of Stone Earlier Towards Way Into Such Until Geese.
2. Slide Rock Heading Into Next The Only Way Uphill proficiency level. And position Ensure So Parallel With Stone Available In Uphill Road.
3. Slide Rock Available At Batu Road Uphill Toward Ke Yang Di Next to it. So Secondly Stacked Stone’s Pun.
4. Slide the two stones It All Up Right Mentor. Then pull Batu Top And Slide Rock Such Approaching the Wall.
Use It As A Stepping Stone Way To Achieve More. After Arriving At The Top, But Do not Follow Reach Wall Street used to be next to you. Follow Directions Walls It Again To Find Red ark. Open Container It used to be, then New Follow Jalan Furthermore Until You Find the walls Again Should You Rock.

In climbing It Will Find You Will Rock Fall Alternately Of Two Walls Can You Rock. For Avoiding Stones Such is the case jump from wall to wall Left Right Or Instead Depending Of Mana Stone Wall Fall. Once you reached the top, You Will See the Great Chain in front of you. Such Chain crush To Menlihat Event With Atlas. Soon after the event Press L1 + R1 Quickly Before Radius Atlas Menjepitmu. Furthermore, You Will Get Your Magic were last here, ie Atlas Quake. The strength of your new Try It On the set of The Enemy Appears. Then View Event Again.

Fly To Save Point At Home And Save your game. Then Note Pilar What’s in front of you. That Can Reach The Rock From Gate Such, then clinging Go to Top Pilar. Open Container Here Previously Then Fly From Pillar One to Pillar Others Until finally you arrive in …

There is a lever Available In The Right Way Uphill. Pull lever Such So Many Enemies That Will Appear. Habisilah Them All, Remember To Cyclops Killing With Circles. After Beres Look A protrusion Wood On the Right (Next to the coffin Blue), the timber Pull Into Which Way Up Left None Fence Appear. After emergence, Direct Such Only Experience Room For Further Challenges.

Enter Used One Room Is Open And Open Container in it. Just then Pull lever Available In This Room Central. After room at Tarik, Wall would Twirl, There Enemy Appears And Some Parts Of Floor Hit Now That You Will Eject Duri. So Be Careful ..! Avoid Each Duri Appears And Use Cronos Rage To Stop Enemies. Ok .. Let Wall Spin It Up room Third From Left Can You Experience. Enter the room Such And Pull stone in it So Wall Street Pun Stop Spinning And then Pun Appear. But Do not Enter Way It Used, Used Two-Room Experience The Previous Closed On your left. There Container And A Key In Crank Item at that. Take Used Item Such, then New Follow the road next.
You Will Arrive In An Area That Will Be Now the adventure center. Two Door Here Can You Go And yet Also trumpet Could Not Whether You What. So Ignore Used And Climb the stairs on the left side. Attach Items You Can Earlier there to create a lever. Such lever Turn Up Shot of Fire That There Is Way Off to your left. After Mentor, Enable Amulet Of Fate And soon Bypass Road Again Such Before The fire comes. But Before You Skip Your Way Into Further, Ada Small room Pas Behind Fire Seburan Tadi. Go To There Used To Finding A chest containing a Phoenix Feather. After New Experience That Way Next.

The East Auditorium
Follow the road and save your game used to be. Follow the Road Again Up Edge. Pull the lever in Sana, So You Will See There’s Gate Opened half. To Passing Such Gate, Seek A Wind Blowing Available In Beside Such Gate. Wind Gusts Such Use To Help You Pass Gate Yang Di mean.

After You Successful Past, Follow the Road and Killing Some Enemy Again. Then Lift up Batu Besar Available In Ujung Jalan And Enter the room next. Note ..! There Piles of wood in this room. Such crush Wood Piles To Throw A Stone Can You Move. Such stones are now Slide Out DIRECTIONS TO Furthermore Area.

There A Book is before you, But Not Can You Read. Skip Formerly And so Continue to Slide Rock Earlier Heading Into Available In The Right Way. After Arriving On the Edge, Lift Persons Occupying the A Button in Sana. Then use Slide Rock What You Did To Replace Those Such pressing the key. Such people now Appoint Heading Into Books Can not Get You Read Tadi. But When You Go To There Will be lot of enemies that put you off. So Your job now is Finish All Enemies It, Do not Let Them Hurt People Who Will Translate Books before.
Use Cronos Rage Or Atlas Quake To More Effective. After Beres, Lift Him Back And Continue Into Your journey to Book Yang Di mean. Face the Enemy Again there until Penerjemahmu Really Safe. After Beres, Approach Penerjamah That Forced Him To Reading And Content Of The Book On Purpose (Press Circle Quickly). See Event Happens Later Approach The Golden Door Appointed by the Camera. Take the Item Key Of The Ram Of Doors Such Then New Lift Doors It And Follow the road behind it. Again Lift Gate On the Edge and Follow the Road Again Heading To The Point initially.


After Arriving in the area, Seek A Golden Door Same With Previous Golden Door (Door With Coat Goat) And Replace Key Of Ram Di Sana. Enter Such Doors And Open Container If Need. Follow the Road To The Right And See What Happens. There is a wall Barbed Will Seek Menjepitmu, Addition A set Enemies Even Will Appear To Increase suffering. Ok .. To Disconnect From Barriers It, You Must Finish All Enemies That Appear Before Wall Barbed Such Successfully Menjepitmu. Use the Atlas Quake And Barbarian Hammer To Faster Finish Them. And In addition, At First They Appear Grab (Circle) One of Them and Press Box To Throw They Toward Wall Thorns. They Will Direct Destroyed When bouncing on the wall. After Beres, Follow Road Dan Open Container Used Red In Front. Then Follow The Only Way To Go Into Furthermore Area.

Sacrifice To The Fate
Used Open Container Red Available In your left, then Destroy the Wall Cracks Also Available In your left next to Pave the Way. Sign Into Sana, then Merapatlah On the Edge is before And Move To The Right. Currently You Be in the third room (After Passing Two coffin Red), descended to bottom. There is a Way In Sana, Climbing Stairs What’s In Such Way To Finding Two Red Earlier Peti. After May, Follow Edge Again Until You Arrive At the Save Point next.
Save Game Previously Then Follow Roads And Jump Into The rope that stretched in front of you. Fall…? Gapapa rightfully so Kok. There are two levers Fruit In this room, Where When lever In Drag Then Will There Fire That Appears On Opposite Sides Of Such lever. Ok .. Approach Used Doors Available In Here And See What Should You Do Now. You Must Sacrificing Three Siren Will Appear In A Burning With Fire Produced Earlier lever.

Kok easy way ..! Turn It used to be One Such Fire Siren Such Keep Then Hagar and urges him toward the fire. Or You Can Also petrifies him in nearby Api-Api Such Using Euryale Head, And Burn Him Before He Back to Normal.

After Beres, Has Come Into The Room Is Open Then Dive In Pool Color Red Di Sana. Follow Directions Swimming This Carefully, Syngenta Sharp Objects Here. After You Arrive In Surface, Closer Walk your TV screen to find two chests Red. Then the coffin was used to open the New Follow the road before you to Puzzle Next. Business As Usual For Break, Take Steps Here.

1. Towards Descend Into Bird Statue And Pull lever Under Existing Behind Such To Melt Ice Sculpture in front of him. You Will Find A Mirror Behind Such ice.
2. Climbing Wall In Room It To Go To Ceiling. Destroy All Chunks Ice Available In-Ceiling To Come Up With Some Light Beam.
3. Slide the mirror What Did You Discover Heading Into The light emitted to the Right Way You Sign Tadi place. Such light then would Reflected In One Point.
4. Look Three levers that lined the Right. Turn the lever-lever Such order Formed On A Mirror Reflection Point Light Tadi. Lever The Right to Play All Right 90 °, lever The Middle Rotate 180 °, and Lever The Left Turn To Left 90 °. When Successfully So Ice Sculpture Bird On Will Melt.
5. Turn It Into Each sculpture Bird icy roads. Thaw All Ice Such To Find Some crates, Minotour Two And A Door For Further Way.
Drop it used to be The Minotour It, Then Open All Peti That Has You Find And New Finally Open And Enter Furthermore Road. Follow this road until you arrive in the room Available lever. Before Lever That You Play, You Must Destroy First Three Fruit Nest What’s In This Room. One Being Under And Two More There’s Ceiling Mount. After Everything is Broken, Clean Room Of Time Insects Used New Turn the lever Later To Come Up With A Hook. Such Depend On Hook Area To Go Into Next.

The West Auditorium
After Up, Follow the road on the left or your right to Rooms To Go Further. Be prepared ..! There are Many Enemies Tough That Will Appear Here. Especially Cerberus Of God Of War 1, Habisilah He used to be before he Vomiting Many Small Cerberus. After Beres, Step into Jalan Dan Climbing the stairs on your left Go to the Save Point.

Remember Save Permaiananmu. Actual your way is the Gate Available In Next to the Save Point It. But Before Into Sana, Jump Into Area Used In Seberang Right. There were three crates Here, Open Container Such then used to Third case jump Through Small Cracks Existing Here To Find Two Peti Again. Open Container Such Secondly, Then To Back to top You Should Rely On Right Edge What’s In It used. Sana Jump to Edge Jump On Left And Last Longer In The Right Way To Edge.

Ok .. Now Only Lift Gate Available In Next to the Save Point Tadi. Open Container Green in front of you then Go down the stairs on your right. You See There Statue Of Amulet In your left Khan ..? Well .. Slide Statue Such Following Directions Road Next. After Arriving On Edge Road, Put the statue used to Random Then Pull lever To Open The Gate On Next
You Will Find A Complete Book With a translator in this room. But Unfortunately, Translator That trigger Suicide When the Seeing. But Do not Worry, Look at your left ..! There’s A Time Mirror Di Sana. If the Log Into the Mirror Such So You Will Return to Time Shortly Before Translators was Suicide. So Now Slide Used Statue Of Fate Into Gate, Then Go To The Mirror. When you arrive in time Previously, Immediate Unlock Amulet Of Fate And Catch Translators It Before He Dropped Her.

If successful, Bring Him To Translate Books Available In This Room. View Conversation With Atropos, Then Take Item On The Golden Door Appointed by the Camera. Such ago Open Door To Find Fruit lever Two Again. One Being Under (Rotated) And One More Above (Withdrawn). Turn the lever used to Yang Under the Small Wind Gusts To Bring Forth The Out From Under Such lever. Wind Gusts Use It To Go Into Existing Above lever. Pull the lever in Sana, Then Play Again lever Available In Down To Come Up Big Wind Gusts. Well .. With the Wind is Blowing It Now You Can Fly To Reach Ceiling. Oya .. Somewhat Fly To Left To Find One More Secret ark. Follow Directions Ceiling It Until You Arrive On the next.

Enter the room before you, and Rotate lever is there to Lower Floor. After Arriving On Down, Go Fly Into Area in front of you (Original Area). Be prepared ..! Because There are four orcs waiting for you in Sana. Beat Them All By Using Attack Technique Several Times And Roll. After Beres, Open Door Gold bearing the Tiger With Skull Warrior Item Dapatakan What You Did. Save Permainamu Used And Open Container Available Here.
Entrance To The Underground
Enter the room is before you. There’s the Great Chain In There, You Have To Lose Now In Flooring Using Such Great Chain (Press R1 then press circle with Fast). As Usual, Your Way Will Never Seamlessly. This time you will be at Disturb By Life set framework, Addition Ceiling Also on you slowly descends. So You Have to Do It Quickly, Stop The Skelenton It With Cronos Rage. After Arriving Under, Coming Lift Door Next Door And Experience It Before Ceiling Menggencetmu.

Before the Way to the Right, Open Container Longer Available In TV Screen Near You. You Will Find the stretch of rope down the street. Go through Such stretch of rope, And When Half Way Rope That Will End By Ulah Warrior Available In your right. So Now Go To The Point Soldiers Such Used By way Rely On Tepian Such Place. Move To Right To Find Where To Rise. Beat All Enemies Available In The Return To The Point Of It Then You Did Using Icarus Falling Wing.

Climb Walls That Have Been Prepared in Sana. Follow The direction Until You Arrive On the next. Be prepared There are many Soldiers Who Wait On Sana. Beat Them All And Open Container Accordance With Orb What You Need. Follow the Road To Right And Fly DIRECTIONS TO Footing. Well .. Then You Should To Fly Past In the lahar’s flow. Consider Used With Both The areas. There Blowing Wind Lahar That Will Help You To Fly, But You Also Must Beware Of Duri-Duri From Pillar That Spins. Ok .. Try To Pass This lava flow Previous To Reach Areas.

If You Have Been Successfully Arrived on the road, do not follow the Way It Used. But Fly Towards Used to room Available In The Right Way It. There Peti Red Di Sana, Open Container Such Used New Then Follow the Road Next.
Reach First Save Point And Save Permaiananmu. Then fly past the paved road There dispatched For Finding Safe Red. After that, go back to the large area Airport. It used to bother lever Existing Here, You Only Live Airport en route to Jalan That I Have Left. Killing enemy has yanng Menantimu First, Then Follow The Way To Finding A barbed Tuas And Dozens Floor.

Then pull the lever-Duri Duri Will Disappear moment. Well .. on this occasion, Tuas Approach To Getting Results In Front Of Bores. Return To Tuas Appears Before Duri. Pull lever It Again, And Now Destroy Wall What’s In Left Lever Existing Item him. There Statue Of Fate, Two Rooms, Two Rivals behind. Back Again To Tuas And Killing the enemy. After Beres, Pull lever More And Go Dua Safe Again. Last week, Pull lever Turn the lever again and that only about 360 ° to open the gate on the street to your right. Enable Instant Amulet Of Fate Appears Before Duri-Duri, he Hurry Skip Gates What’s In It Before your right Back to Normal Time.

Follow the road then. You Will See The Three Safety Behind Bars in front of you. To reach it, follow the road to the right and turn the Edge Jump To Available In The Right. From Sana Jump To The Left Place Roadside Safety It Be. The three boxes are then go back Keep Semula.Lahnya Road. You Will Find It In A Room Next resistance. A wave of lava that is Great. The room used to see them from the outside. There are two doors in the Left And Go, But There’s A lever Also available Right In The Middle Of This Column. So now before entered the room, First Look What’s In A Statue Left. Use It To Hold Spray Statue Such Lahar.

Bring It To The statue in the room. First, We Will Open Doors Available In The Right First. So Bring the statue’s head to the right and Put Him In Front Floor Stand On The Right. It is intended that the Statue Must Not Pushed Back Due To Lava Bursts. But Remember This When You Move You Will Statue impeded by a few enemies. So as Normal Use Cronos Rage On Them. After Statue You Put In Place Of The purpose, Lift Gate What’s In It And Go Back Statue Safety in it.
The statue was then Slide Heading Into Left And Use Floor Stand out Yang in the Middle to hold it. He put little to the Left, For When You Lift Gate, Lahar Not about you. But When You Open Container, Wait Until Lahar Lahar Can Stop Krena about you.
Furthermore Such Sculpture Put Right In Front lever. Pull the lever, then Floor That Standout At Home Will Disappear. So Now Slide Statue Heading Into One Of Buttons On the Front. Then Soon Hit The Only And Direct Button Press R1 For Swinging Your Way Into Next. Open Container Previously Then Slide Jar Here To Lose Flooring. After Arriving On Down, Move Right Again Into Jar Such Until Geese.

Now Then Pull lever is before you. Eitss .. But Wait A Minute! Face it used to Some Enemies Will Menghadangmu. After New Beres Pull the lever And Look Awakening Of The Phoenix. Save Permaiananmu Again, Then Use Icarus Wing Way To Achieve What’s In your left (Upper). Follow the Road Again Until You Find A lever. Left Right Used To Go From Tuas Such For Finding Two Peti Again. Pull lever Such And Return To Area The course Already Know You Better.

Releasing The Phoenix
Once Up On Top, Hail Set Of Bores At the door’s behind. Follow the Road Behind Door Such Until You Find The chain strands. To Kirilah Used For Red ark. Open Container It, Then New Rock Chain Tadi. Follow the Road Again And Save your game At the Save Point next. Open Container Previously Then Go To The Only Way. Blow trumpet What’s In There For Freeing the Phoenix.
Ok .. Now Come down, then Climb Pilar Available In The Right. Sana Terbanglag To Pilar The Only then New Fly Geared Towards Way Into The Camera. Open Doors Here For room Puzzle Next.

First-Tama, Pull the lever Used Here For Raising walls Can You Rock. Such Heading Into Climbing Wall Ceiling. Then Tebaslah Two Shiny Chain Yang Di Sana Until the End. Then You Will Find A Container And A Small Pillars. Open crates used to then pull the lever again to restore Earlier Wall. Previously Beat Enemy Appears Then Slide Pilar Discover What You Did Floor The points to be increased Tadi. But Do not Put All together, Put Half Only. When the lever so that You Pull It Will Rise Again Floor Half Since the Detained By Pilar.

If Successfully Come Into Such Floor, Then Pull Pilar Earlier From Within To Floor Up With Normal. Now Use Pillar It For You Can Reaching Chain Shiny Available Here. Again Hajar Such Chain Opens Way For Next.

Follow the road Subsequently For Finding A lever Can You Play. The Right Lever That There A Way That Take You Into The Other lever. Ok .. Turn used to lever the First Amendment and Look Out There. New then follow road adjacent lever Again To Perform playback. Turn the lever was used to 270 ° To Open Room Available In The Right. Open the coffin Who is in the room, then Play Again Until Lever Open Way ahead of you. Enter Such Roads And Prepare For A silhouette Facing the Unknown Soldier.
The Best Way To Fight Is This Man With All The attacks Meng-Counter. But If You Have Backup Magic The Many Use Only Cronos Rage Or Atlas Quake To Faster. Circles mark the time comes soon Press To View Event Painful Here.

Boss: ??? (Giant Octopus)
There Is No What Can You Do Now, All Keys Attack At What You Will Only Words Trigger Full of Anger From Kratos. Let Me Up Octopus It Menangkapamu. See Event Titan Then Activate Rage Of The Past In-Upgrade.

It’s Time To Fight The Lo ..! Here is your goal Cut Two tentacles Available In Rear body. And The Only Chance To Do It Was When He Plugging Into Such tentacles floor. When It Happens, Rock tentacles Such Then Destroy Objects Available In This tentacle tip. After Beres, Press Circle For Cutting.

But the problem is How To Get Beat Chance Such is the head several times. To It Do It Here.
1. On the Left Until Hajar tentacles lifted . Then the A Button Will Appear .
2. Lift the body of your soldiers to press the button . Wind Gusts Will There then comes in the Middle of the room ‘s .
3. Use Blowing Wind to approach the head .
4. Use the Athens Blade And Perform attack L1 + Box That Followed By L1 + Circle .
5. Such Keep It Up tentacles Yang Di mean Appear .
After two tentacles The Dimasksud Successful You Decide . Furthermore You Live Beat two tentacles Available In Left And Right To octopus It Fell . That moment occurred , immediately pull lever Available In Home Kepalnya To Finish History From Sea Giant Octopus ‘s .

Ok .. Now Go through Bridge used to be before you, and Open Container Available In Left And Right . Only then Approach The Phoenix And Follow Commands Selanjut

Amulet Of Fate Will Active Here With Itself . So your first task is Disabling . Swim Forward, You See There Pilarkhan Di Sana .. ? There Such A Hook On Pilar . Slip Into Statue Face Place Where Was , And From There To Go Into Press R1 Such Hook .

Dropped From Hook , then Habcurkanlah A Stone Yang Here For Relieving Effect Of Amulet Of Fate . Ok .. Now’s the Time Puzzle , ie How To Destroy The statue ‘s face is before you .
1. Go around Formerly The Area And sure Position Of Two Bells Giant Fruit Available In Left And Right Statue Face. You Must Ring the bell Such Second In almost the same time.
2. The bells Yang Di Left Binyikan Can You How To Attract Beater With Existing Under Hook. But Bell On The Right To You Should Approach him preemptively, then Ring With Pressing R1 + L1 Quickly.
3. Ring the bell used to Yang Di Right. Then Immediately Turn Of Fate And Direct Amulet Ring the bell Yang Di Left. When Success So Statue Will cracks.
4. Falls Into Water And The Pillar Approach Such Hook. There are two levers in Sana, One On Surface Water And Only Again In The Air.
5. Turn the lever used to Yang Di Surface Sekitar180 °, so Wood Prominent Available On Air Fitting Position At Cekokan The Underneath.
6. Pull the lever Yang Underwater. When the rotation lever Above Earlier Pas, then bulge Wood Earlier Will Sign Into Cekokan.
7. Turn the lever Longer Available In Surface, Up Beater Bell Available In Left Lead In The statue’s face.
8. Pull the hammer bells and successfully …! Now the road has been Chick.
Use a hammer bell now Tadi As Bridge Way To Go Further. Currently In The Room, Used To Go Right And Left For Finding Into Two crate Fruit crate. After New Experience That Way Next. Just Follow The Right Way When You Need Extra Blue Orb. Open Sole Gate Subsequently And Prepare For The Boss Battle Weight And Lama’s Fair.

Boss: Lahkesis
To Defeat, You Should Watch It Right Attack What Will He Use.

1. If He Attacks With Combo. Previously Avoid All The attacks, After His Combo New Berheti Hajar Him. Remember .. Avoid Use Triangle button.
2. If he Attacks Using Remote (Energy Ball). Use Only Golden Fleece To Invert Such attacks. But it’s really needed Timing The Fast And The Right.
3. If He Melayang. This means he will be Menerjamu From Above. So Depend On Hook, New Finish At The attacks Down And Hajar Him.
4. If He Threw His cane. Can You Do Only Evade Only.

Successfully After You hurt him several times, then he Kan Change His attack method. This time He Will Keep Hovering and will attack from the Air. So Continues To Current Depend On Hook And Attack Him With Air Combo. Touching Up Your legs do not remember the land, Because Lahkesis Has Power Cause Floor In aliri Electricity In Total. Circles mark Will Appear When He Was In The Air. So to achieve it, Jump From Hook And Use Icarus Wing. After You Successfully Defeat, Preview Event And The Only Face Again.
Boss : Atropos
There Are Three Ways To Attack him . But previously Habisilah Used All That She Warrior Call. Because the addition For Safer , You Got Supplement Also Kan Orb . Beat Them All With Atlas Quake .

1. When he closes the distance and Eject Lightning Into Land . Approach Him And He Hajar Using Air Raid .
2. Feedback All Ball Energy She Remove the Golden Fleece . But It Somewhat Difficult , Because Surely You Not Used With Slow Attack Like This .
3. He is the Typhon Bane Arrows . But I Suggest How to Reduce Use of this . Because use of the Atlas Quake At The Warrior Called Atropos Will More Useful .

Circles mark the time comes , Immediate Execution He And Prepare To Fight The Last ( Fiuuuuuh … Cape De … ! ) Her For The Birds Fire Control It . TRHONE OF LAHKESIS
Boss : Lahkesis And Atropos
Focus Only Used All completely on Lahkesis. Use the Previous Way To Fight. And To Atropos, You Just Reflect Saka All That She Remove the Energy Ball. When Lahkesis Falling, Will There be Light Green The Exit From head. Wait until Atropos comes Then Immediately Turn Amulet Of Fate. Well .. Use This Opportunity To Beat Up to the last Atropos Mirror Cracks Appear His place. Such Mirror crush Atropos Unable To Appear Again On Such Mirror.

Do Things On Top Again Again Until You Solve A Mirror Sites Appear Atropos. Remaining so Will Only A Mirror Again. Lahkesis Will Seek Ways to Protect Mirror With Stand Such Keep in front of him. When this happens, the Patient Wait Until Lahkesis Removing attack Pillar of Light. Walk In Between Cracks Such Pillar To Approach him, Then Discipline He Until Signs Appear Circle. He then Destroy Mirror execution Lastly For Road Next.

The Inner Sanctum
Save your game used to then jump to the Save Point Left Right To menemuka Two Fruit Container Again. Enter the room Dan Wander Used When Mau. After That Climb walls before you to Rely On Ceiling. There are two rooms That Contains Peti Red On The Left And Right room’s. To get there, descended Previously On the Dan From Sana Use Icarus Wing To Go Into Two Such rooms.

After May, Then And Destroy Follow Road Cracks Available In Ujung Jalan’s right. Be prepared, because Along the Way Down It You Required To Finish All Enemies Yangmenghadangmu. Suskses Yes ….!

After Arriving In Ujung Jalan It, Keep It used to be your game then Open Two Peti To Resume Staminanmu. Then Discipline Second Hand Available At Door To Come Up With Two Fruit Gear. Such Gear Rotate Left Of The Used, The New Right. After Beres, Open Door To Go Into Area Such Deals From this adventure.
1st floor
Skip two knives in front of you , then follow Jalan Yang Ke Left. There is a lever Di Sana Should Play. But before playing , Discipline Formerly The Hands Of Being Named Clotho It Up Fall . Only then Pull lever Such Quickly To Unlock The room is on it .

After Beres , Fly Into the room Such Through Steps The Disconnected . Open Container In Sana Then Climbing Wall Available In Next to it . Follow direction is Heading Into The Room Is Only Available In The Right Again . Beware .. When You Approaching Room Is At Hand Clotho would mean Mengenggammu . So soon Shake A. Left For Yourself Mebebaskan . After Release , Pukulah corpses There Bars room Further On Up Crushed .

After Beres , descended And Play Lever Here To Open Room In Thereon . Ok .. Now Fly Into Such room , Open Container Di Sana Then Climbing rope strands Floors To Go Into Next .
2nd Floor
There is Three Hands Should You Disable Here. Ok .. To Kananlah And Firsthand Approach Should You Disable. Also in Sana There A Tool With Button And A Turn the lever. But Skip Formerly And Pull lever Available In An Open Floor their right. Open Container Existing Behind Such Floor, Then Discipline Hand To Hand Clotho Such Opened stuck to the floor. Then Again Pull lever The Tadi To Pinning Such Hands.

Beres First Hand, Second Hand We Go Into Now. Such Hantam Used Hand Up Fall. Then Climb Ropes Available In Next Floor Earlier Opener Lever A Lever To Achieve More. Such Pull lever and if successful Clotho Hand Will Hold By A Knife.

Now Come Into Existing Tools button and lever Tadi. Pull the lever Such Equipment For Moving Toward Passing Right Hand To Last. So Approaching Hands After Lastly, Hajar Such Used Hand Up New Fall Into Right Move Tool. After On-site The Intended, Hit the button of the device And Look What Happened. Such tools are now Slide Into Left Hand Heading Into What You Did Bypass. Put It On Close Hand Tools, then Hajar Such Keep Hands Up plugged into the knife on it. Well .. Now Climbing Ropes that Come Earlier Knives And Pull lever then.
3rd floor
Boss: Clotho
There are two levers Fruit In The Area. One On The Right And One On Left. Pull lever Such To Come Up With A corpse. And When the corpse is destroyed by Clotho, then Corpse That Will Change Being Green Orb.

Go To The Right, There’s A lever Di Sana. But you can move it yet, Because There Corpses The prop rails Above. Climb Wall What’s In your right To Achieve corpses And Destroy (use Triangle). But Previously, Discipline Used Hand Of A Very Annoying This Clotho. Kok easy trick, Turn Only Amulet Of Fate Then the Black Hands Such is the strongest combo. After the corpse That You Destroy, Left Shift Lever Such Into Existing Third Lights Up On Floor On. Then Seek lever Available In Left (Available In The Area Central). Pull lever Such To Come Up With A Giant Knife. Remember .. Hajar Both Hands Clotho For You will not be bothered. It comes after the Great Knife, Approach Him And Play To Ends Facing Towards Clotho. Then the Last Step, Draw Knives Such And Follow Commands Next.

After Beres, Two Doors Available In Left Right Clotho Will Open. Get into One Of Door Such For Finding A lever. Pull lever Such Floors To Go Into Next. Terjulah Into Water At Home And Dive For Passing Both fence in front of you. Follow the road Subsequently And Keep It used to be your game. Just then pull the lever is Here To Come Up In The Clotho set Pulley Set.

Go back to Sana, Then Pull Pulleys Available In All The Right Hand Side Lever Central. See Changes In The Mirror of the Above. After Mentor, Soon Enable Amulet Of Fate And Go To The Mirror Such Before 30 Seconds Ends. Having arrived there, Experience Mirror To Go Into Your last fight.
Boss : Zeus I ( the Great )
Zeus Has Three Kinds of Attack Will He Give thee . That is :

1. Hit Land . Avoid Alone With Double Jump
2. Throw the Ball Lightning . Usah not reflected , Avoid Alone With Roll .
3. Men – Summon Siren

Third Kick Is the Only Caramu To Attack him . Signs You Should Make the Circle Above Head Such Siren . Execution Signs That He currently appears , such that screams Such Injuring Effects Of Zeus . Well .. The Best Way To Reach the mark is by using the Atlas Quake Or Cronos Rage ( Use The Level Him the Most High ) . But If Sirennya There is One , Typhon Bane Is a Method Using the Most Wise . It Continues To Perform hands banged on the Land . Hajar Hand Signs tersbut To Reach the circle . Execution He then Wujudnya The Small Face
Boss: Zeus II (Normal)
None Special To Fight Now. Just beat him with Combo Kotaksetelah You Avoid The attacks. And When He Threw lightning, You Can Only Invert Such Lightning. But It Somewhat Difficult throw Karea So Fast.

Some Currently Then She Will Be Seized Blade Of Olymphus From hands. Do not Worry, It Will Make This fact Easier For The Attack. Because All Seangannya Lead Ahead, So roll and Hajar Him From Side. Perform It Continues To mark Circles Appear. Such marks press, then Zues will be Thrown On A Pillar. Pillar Approach Available In his left Pilart Press R1 to slam into body. Further, Make Up Tadi Tadi Method As Keystrokes Circle Next comes. Oya .. When he took the Blade Of Olympus For Second Time. His body will be Protected By Lightning set Bola-Bola. Immediately switch Rage Of Titan TO DESTROY Such set Lightning. Will I Need not Worry Out of Power, Bola-Bola Because Lightning Such Will Produce Gold Orb.

After Lingkaranmuncul Signs And You Successfully executes For The Second Time. Zeus Will Run And Then Some Currently Being Appears Again With Giant.

Boss: Zeus III
Zeus Will Jump With Flow Lightning attack. So Immediately Press Circle Quickly to hold it. Then What Happened …? Surrender Kratos ..? No..! Note Display With Good And Follow Commands Button To Finish With True Lives Of Gods Called As King Of The God. If Successful, Look Event A Very Painful Here.
Oohhh noooo … Kok Athens Can Killed Sih .. ? Go back to Clotho Being And Play Again Pulley Stuck On Up There . Then As previously Immediately Enter the Mirror Time Before Time 30 Seconds Out . And See Event Here Which Is An Early Ending Of The Other adventure .


You Just Can Use The Power Of It When You Play the Bonus Mode. To Activate , Log Saja Ke Menu Item . And Unlock the Power of this from the menu.

Urn Of Gaia
Usefulness : Every Red Orb What You Get Will Multiplied by 10x .
How to Obtain : See Walktrhough ( Rhodes Palace ) .

Urn Of Gorgon
Usefulness : Make All Enemies Become What You Black Stone .
How to Obtain : See walktrough ( After Getting Golden Fleece )

Urn Of Olympus
Usefulness : Kratos Will Have Meter Magic Unlimited .
How to Obtain : See Walkthrough ( After Getting Spear Of Detiny )

Urn Of Prometheus
Usefulness : Kratos Will Have Meter Rage Of Titan Unlimited
How to Obtain : See walktrough ( Currently Being On Inside The Mighty Titan )

Urn Of Fates
Usefulness : Attack Combo Increases your total of 3 Seconds .
How to Obtain : Finish Titan`S Challengge With Mortal Or Higher Level .

Urn Of Poseidon
Usefulness : Changing Cronos Rage With Poseidon’s Rage
How to Obtain : Finish the Titan Challengge With Spartan Or Higher Level
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