Motor Fast Without Cost

Motor Fast Without Cost
There are three tricks to make the motor so fast
This way there are no spare parts or to replace the still original from the factory
Before I jelasin three make the motor moves so fast, you first need to know will be brought where the direction you desire

you want to make a standard but toned my usual daily call setting what you want more than that, it is no answer depends on you and your capital.

Both the first (carburator)

We play simple, meaning that we try to play that do not spend a lot of examples we play in the carburator.
usually motorcycle factory default initial response is very fierce but very difficult to go faster, it dikarnakan sepuyer used small so that the supply of gasoline thin (less) motors so nimble in the run-down but the top speednya lackluster.
all that can be overcome by replacing sepuyer in the carburetor with a larger size than the standard, but it must not change, because it can lead to the motor so berebet.

The second stance (IGNITION)

In the standard motor, ignition have been determined or has been restricted from the factory or often called ignition LIMITER.
And it could diatsi by replacing the standard with CDI CDI racing, for those who do not want to replace the CDI can outsmart by shifting the ignition.
Shifting the ignition was also very easy, we just remove the magnet and moving part way mencoak hole pulser with pulser position, but do not arbitrarily shift the motorcycle because it can result in difficult life.


Camsaft or we often call Noken very important role in the machine-based 4tak while based machines 2tak determined by porting, for this one I was not able to review more in dikarnakan I am afraid you do not understand the degree to alter camsaft for machine 4tak and also how millimeter to lift ported to the machine 2tak all it had to study serious and earnest.

So first of my TIPS may be useful to you, and do not let your learning here because there are still many TIPS that you do not know.
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